I love Bruce Arians

That’s pretty scathing from an NFL head coach. And he’s right.

If the NFL was smart(er) they would do an American Idol like show in the off-season in which fans watch the terrible calls and vote certain zebras out of the league. Like the Hunger Games for fans: bad referee version.

It would be cruel but it would get good ratings. And it would be well deserved IMO


NFL officials should have to have press conferences after the game. Explain any egregious calls… I bet there would be fewer of them.


That is a good idea as well, Iggy.

Adam Silver has the right approach IMO. Though his critics thinks’ he sells out his referees. Don’t think the NFL wants that transparency yet though.

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Not surprised, when Ariens was in between his Arizona and TB gigs, he was frequently on XM NFL Radio and always lambasted the referees.

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I think this is smart as hell. Would boost interest, and show fans that they are trying to do something about it. Instead of roasting current officials, have the fans actually audition for reffing positions. Hire fans. Test their integrity, their bias, make rules that people who are fans of certain teams can’t officiate those games. They could do a lot, and it would not be difficult.

I think the bottom line is, they have no interest in it. Some in your face proof is the new turning over PI calls only working for Packers and against teams that play against Packers. Exaggerating, because I’m still pissed.

All of the NFL Officials involved in each game, on field, in the booth, in NYC, and there’s not a brain in the bunch?
I don’t buy it. Never have.
Someone has to let these clowns know that everyone sees their bullshit, and nobody likes it!
With the exception of Green Bay, KC, San Francisco…

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You’re right, dude. With exception of Packer fans, the entire football watching community was pissed after the Lions/Packers game. one of the guys I watched that game iwht was a Packer fan. he said, “This feels dirty.”


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Yep, and the Cowboys and Packers would never have another winning season.

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I’m sure this will completely turn things around for the Bucs.:roll_eyes:

Adam Silver has an officiating problem that’s worse than the NFL. I think the words from many fans mouths of other sports is “OMG I hope this doesn’t turn into the NBA.”:rofl:

The NBA went that direction to make more money. If the same strategy works for the NFL owners, it may be inevitable. They don’t care about integrity of football, or what fans think. They care about money. Goodell works for the owners. His job is to make them rich. The owners are very happy.

First off, good for Arians. It needed to be done.

Secondly, this caught my eye:

“NFL vice president of officiating Al Riveron did reach out to Bucs officials Monday to discuss the play, a mea culpa of sorts in the wake of the missed call.”

Did ole Al give the Lions the same concideration?

Possibly. Teams aren’t allowed to disclose that kind of stuff anymore. That rule changed way back in the early 2000’s. Back then you could read off your apology letter from the league. Now that’s a fine.

I would like Arians if he didn’t wear that stupid hat.

Samuel Jackson and Bruce Arians are Kangol world ambassador’s or something.

I prefer it to the coach’s visor look

I own two of those caps (Kangols), love them!



Best idea you’ve ever come up with.


You think it would go any different than Dean Blandino when he was trying to explain calls as their boss? He spun it damn near every week.

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No, but it would make the media as a whole talk about it more.

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