I miss Caldwell. There, I said it

Reflecting on this season. Still can’t believe that 9-22-1 and a crap defense is enough to for a “defensive guru” to keep his job, but 2 playoff appearances in 4 years and a winning record gets you fired.

If nothing else, this more or less defines this franchise.


I don’t know. Caldwell’s peak was probably as a WC team that would never make it past the 2nd round. If you don’t think a coach can get you to the Super Bowl, then I think you should move on from him.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 0-6 in the division is Millen-Era awful.

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Caldwell was a horrible in game coach. Just made low IQ decisions. We may have had a better team than we have now, but he was not the answer.


As someone put it, the only person ever held accountable in 60-plus years of Ford family ownership was Jim Caldwell.


First Lions coach since 95 to post back to back winning seasons. His reward? Termination. The Lions are so ass backwards it is laughable.

I really don’t have a massive problem with them firing Caldwell. I have a massive problem with them hiring Patricia. It’s going to be a very tough job for the next regime to come and fix this mess.


I just don’t understand how that can be. Please help me understand. When had the most talent: He went 11-5. Most years that would win a division. I can’t speak about other teams’ records outside of our division. But JC’s teams have broken every losing streak we had. Except the playoff streak. But I felt confident that it would’ve been broken too. We beat GB in GB. Swept Minny and CHI in different seasons. Why, instead of further developing his system, do you go into a virtual rebuild with someone else?

I don’t have a massive problem with them firing Caldwell.

I have a massive problem with the reason for it being that Quinn believed they were ready to take the next step – division championships and hosting/winning playoff games and then Super Bowls. And Quinn thinking His Boy from Foxboro was the one to take them over that hump.

And I have an even more massive problem with their dishonest goalpost-moving when that failed spectacularly, now pretending we were rebuilding a team that had been in the playoffs two of the past three years, with a first-pick-overall QB in his prime.

And that shit worked with the Ford family.

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There were a few us that voted to keep him but the Lions could not beat any good teams. The Lions could not get over the hump. There was also the whole Lombardi situation… holding onto coaches that don’t work for way too long. As someone else pointed out, the in game decisions also could have been better.

At the start of this season, the Lions was playing very competitively against very good teams (playoff teams) and should have won some. We know what happened and the record could have reflected differently. This off season is going to be huge for BQ/MP. Make or Break.

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Also if anyone wants to see what a defensive genius looks like flip on the Eagles game. Patricia is a chump compared to Schwartz too


Caldwell was mediocrity.

I prefer the Lions try something different to get past mediocrity even if it fails before improving.

Caldwell is limited to the quality of his roster; give him a 9-7 roster and he’ll go 9-7, give him a 2-14 roster and he’ll go 2-14 (the Manning injury year in Indy). Yes, he is a very solid coach who gets the team playing tough, but he didn’t elevate the Lions or the Colts beyond the level of the roster at his disposal.

It’s appealing because he would almost certainly have done better than Patricia these last two years, but he was never the guy to turn the team into genuine contenders. I think Quinn was right to move on, but probably wrong with his choice of replacement.

I miss Barry.


I’d take Schwartz over Caldwell if I had to take a retread, but I totally understand the sentiment at this point, regatdless.

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Neither the 2016 or 2017 teams were 9 win teams talent wise.

If you had a 7-9 roster Caldwell is getting you to 9-7.

If you had a 13-3 roster Caldwell is getting you to 11-5

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A Schwartz defense and Bevell offense would have been pretty sweet.


Lots of factors -

  1. Titus Young flaking out, in conjunction with Best’s concussion issues really thwarted Gym Shorts.
  2. The talent on Shorts’s D was way better. Jones, Fairley, Suh, Ansah (healthy version), backed by Levy…they made havoc and it was amazing to watch. Could Shorts have the D he had w/the talent on our current roster? Mathew may have been partly responsible, as well as Austin.

For this O, I give Bevell an absolute ton of credit. Love Golliday, Jones, Stafford. Like Amendola, Hock (when healthy), but think we’re actually lacking talent still.

Austin - Shorts’s DC
Bevell - Patricia’s OC
We should call the Steelers and make that happen. Austin is currently an assistant with the Steelers. Bring him in! Let’s whip some azz

But but but we are creating a foundational culture so we can win for years and years and years. Just trust the really smart guys in the room, just like you trusted them for Tabor and this awful dogshit defensive scheme and Mike Daniels etcetera etcetera

My gawd, I hope so.

I mostly just chill on draft picks, because I always concede that I don’t know shit. I rarely even feel like i know what to root for. LOL.
From what I saw with my eyes, I was never a Tabour fan.
I was, a huge fan of the Daniels signing, though. LOL. I DID think we’d win 11 games this year.

At this point, Weeze, if you’re listening to my football break-downs, that’s your problem!

Not going to recommend you take my prognostications to Vegas, man! LOL.

I like Patrica, as a man. I think he could potentially work out still. I love the Bevell hire (smartest thing he’s done so far). We need a similar hire for the D, and it could be all-systems go. (please read above predictions before placing bets on these ones).

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This reminds me when we were well into the Millen era and we were making posts about missing Wayne Fontes.