I ran into Matt Patricia

He was working on his resume at the McDonalds in Cheboygan Michigan.



The brewing company downtown has good BBQ…just keep your head on a swivel for wolves north of town. Shit you not.


Does every state in the Midwest have a Cheboygan?

Those wacky cheeseheads spell theirs with an “S”.

They aren’t anywhere close to wolves, but I had a chance encounter with 3 Bobcats today. The first 2 just went about their business crossing in front of me. The last sucker stopped and stared me down.

That I can believe. They Do Not GAF.

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wolves are quite established and healthy and still breeding in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula , HOWEVER 5 years ago, there were confirmed-yet sporadic reports in The very northern tip of Lower Michigan in Emmet County. It stands to reason, if they trickle down to The most Northern parts of Lower Michigan, they will start to move south . How far they have in 4 or 5 years??

who knows? Michigan DNR is asking for Michigan Residents from all over to report all sightings, tracks found, OR any evidence and to call them Immediately to aid them in keeping track of WHERE they are OR any incidences , attacks, kill sites, and that. That said, “eventually” , they will reach Saginaw and then South more where I am at, and later on into the areas surrounding Detroit suburbs at a total guess?? I’d say within the next 15-20 years.

This is a kid who worked for me. He can make himself look identical almost… and he’s a NE fan for real

Pretty much north of M32. A friend saw one out Long Rapids Rd west of Alpena about a week ago. They’ll be in Lansing and Detroit within 10 years. Maybe then we’ll get some sane policy.

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This is my hometown. lol I dont know this guy though.

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Wolves are not coyotes. Wolves don’t live near residential areas. They need a huge range of wilderness. You really think there are going to be packs of wolves in Metro Detroit? No…they “:eventually:” will not reach the surrounding Detroit suburbs.

your ignorant if you think that, they breed, their numbers continuously grow, the move and already have started trickling down into lower Michigan. you might note , I said that was 5 YEARS ago .

I did a simple Google search , I have no idea how MUCH farther the wolves have travelled outside Emmet County in 5 years but to say they can’t or will not keep moving South is ignorant. They are pack animals JUST like Coyotes and Michigan currently has a significant coyote issue now.

What I said is that over the next 15-20 years, wolves COULD be as far South as Saginaw…and then will be moving further South yet as they spread and breed and yeah I said “eventually” their is a healthy population in the upper penn , but it has already been confirmed, they already “have-been” starting to move south…….“starting to”

Wolves are hunters and need food sources and are about 3 times the size of a coyote. Coyotes hunt small game, rabbits, squirells, mice, etc.

Neither really want to be around people but Coyotes can hide a lot easier because of their size.
The population of Wolves in Michigan might grow but they won’t get too close to cities and when they stop, they use-up their food source pretty quickly and will move around the city or their population in that area will decrease.
The DNR will monitor Wolves and their breeding. If they become too abundant and hinder the deer hunting, the deer hunters voices will be heard and the DNR cannot afford to financially lose their deer hunters, so the Wolves will be kept under control.

I hunt north of Cheboygan. I’ve never seen a wolf or caught one on my camera but the locals claim their here Along with the cougars.

Saw 2 chasing a deer southbound on US23 at 3am 7 years ago. Guy in my backup car behind me saw same…freaked us out as they came flying by us out of the fog…like maybe 15 feet away hauling ass…

How big are the wolves? 100 LBs? 150?

The encroachment of Mountain Cats is the story where I live. Seems like a similar story is occurring throughout the country simply with different predators.

No. I’m not ignorant. You probably heard or read some idiotic thing on the internet and you are just repeating it thinking you are sounding smart.
Wolves are a lot different than coyotes. They live in packs and they have a large range. They do not like being anywhere near people if possible. The idea that packs of wolves would be patrolling the Detroit suburbs like you claim is laughable and ridiculous, not to mention completely ignorant. AND yes…that is the true meaning of ignorant.
Wolves might be able to carve out a territory in northern Michigan, but anything south of that is almost impossible.
Do you know where wolves live? Where people don’t. That isn’t the Detroit suburbs.

Not being a smartass or anything. Truly curious. How did Wolves get reintroduced into the northern part of the Lower Peninsula? Did they go across the Mackinac bridge or swim across the straights?

Probably when the straits freeze