I really miss live music

I have a lot of friends in the business, whether it’s club owners, sound companies, the musicians themselves. One of my favorites is Kevin “BF” Burt. He finally made it to the top, winning “International Blues Solo/Duo, Best Solo/Duo guitarist and the Lee Oskar award for best Harmonica Player” at the 2018 International Blues awards in Memphis. He was just starting to work internationally, finally getting a pay day, and this thing has derailed his career like so many others. I co-produced the first CD he ever appeared on 25 years ago, the “Iowa Blue’s Compilation Vol I”, and with the band the Blue’s Instigator’s he was just starting but you knew it was there. I miss the big man, and everyone else. I like being in bars, I bartended for years while I was in college and always feel at home on either side. Like everyone else I’m really jonesin’ for what used to be. Going to use my gov’t check on a show. Gotta figure out the venue and how to make it safe, but weather’s getting better and I’m going to pull it off. Cheap therapy.

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I do as well. I usually see somewhere between 80-100 live bands/artist each year.

This streaming thing is a nice alternative but not really the same.

I agree… and as a musician… I can’t tell you how much I miss rehearsing with my band and getting back on stage!

Yes, because it’s getting to be outside festival time… :weary:

yeah I miss going to concerts and stuff I missed out on my last Metallica show at Van Andel Arena last year I was pissed that my group cancelled on me last minute…
can’t even go to The Machine Shop with this virus %$#let alone go fishing.