I saw a Mock good place that had this Trade

The Mock had the Skins making this draft trade which would give us the Edge Chase Young .

The trade that Skins made this mock said is this.

Washington sends pick #2 and pick #108 while Miami sends pick #5, #18, #39, and pick #70
You could change that to #3 an #109 an that would be Lions.

The Washington Redskins **[traded] for Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Kyle Allen in exchange for a fifth-round pick in the 2020

I think this trade could go to Lions to prevent Chargers from getting Tua .

You may think that’s a lot it really isn’t if Miami really want him.
The chart doesn’t apply when teams set there aim on a players near top of draft an the Fins have a lot of ammo

I’m game! Let’s do it! lol

The Dolphins would have to give up more to get to the second pick IMO

That was there numbers i just replaced Skins with Lions That was offer to Skins in this mock.

Maybe the Skins would take it. Looks like it’s just under +700 on the trade value chart. I think they’d want more but it’s not an insulting offer by any means.

If they want to give us 5,18,39 and 70, I run to the Commissioners office.

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I agree its from a good draft sight

That Mock gave us Chase Young, CB AJ Terrill in the 2nd, and LB Troy Dye, and OG Jonah Jackson both in the 3rd. Instead of Troy Dye I woulda taken OT Ben Bartsch or RB Jonathan Taylor. Not a bad draft there for the first 2 days.

I’d love to add Dye but he doesn’t fit the MP LB profile.

Hard to argue with Young and Terrell in 1st and 2nd. I’d have snagged Gallimore and Dobbins in the 3rd of that draft and called it a fantastic draft no matter what happened on 3rd day.