I saw this on a good place Would U do This Trade


Carolina sends :

2020 Round 1 (No. 7 overall)

2020 Round 2 (No. 38 overall)

2021 Round 1

2021 Round 4

2022 Round 2

Detroit sends :

2020 Round 1 (No. 3 overall)

I would probably do this trade because of the extra pick this year in round 2 and the round one pick in 2021. Carolina is probably going to go through a year of growing pains next season and they will most likely have another to ten pick next year. Pretty much any trade that get the team an extra first round pick, I would be hard pressed to not want it.

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Two 1’s and 2 Two’s and a 4th rounder to move down 4 spots …normally I would be ecstatic and I do make this trade if it’s a draft day trade and QB’s have gone 1 & 2 and Carolina is taking a QB at #3 I’m in I do it …but not before I find out what the Chargers are going to do , to beat Carolina’s offer, if they cant I still do it knowing Young, Okudah , Brown, KinLaw or Simmons will be available at #7 I would really want #6 though and the move with Chargers and helping out an AFC team over an NFC team .

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the extra pick in rd two an the one next year is big rest who knows .

You could use that rd 2 pick or even the rd one to get back into this season RD one.

I still favor Miami trade for 5 an 18 an 39 That would be best for Lions IMO.

Who knows could get offer to move from 5 to 7 . I think Washington will take Young but if not I would be happy for Lions to take him.

I normally am not pro trade downs but this season if draft breaks that way I do make trades to teams wanting the QBs

You likely could get a good offer to move down once more.


Yes I would do this trade unless Young is there at 3 and even then I may still do it!

That is quite a haul to move down 4 spots…

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It would take a lot for me to move if young was there. . . This deal would be very much “a lot” and I’d likely do it and hope Brown drops to us.

yeah I’d probably do that, take Okudah, Brown or Simmons in that order…though likely will rethink that 20 times the next 2 months.

Top of Rd 2 we grab a RB and DL/CB whichever we didn’t get in As 1


sure, but why would Carolina do that deal?


Move up to get a QB would be my guess.

Each year I’m getting analysis paralysis earlier and earlier in the process. Wish there was a way to turn off this addiction during the ramp-up time. Maybe I can start looking over the 2021 mock drafts to take my attention from this year’s draft.


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To get Tua - Many in the media feel Tua is worth it.

I do think a team will gamble on Tua in round one but I’m not yet convinced a team will be willing to sell the farm to get him. I’m holding judgement until after his pro day.