I think Cincy is going to trade out .....Burrow's saying all the wrong things

With Ross and Miami high on Burrow’s and Burrow’s yet again not seizing an opportunity to profess his love …I could see Cincy moving down an taking the haul .

Joe Burrow on Bengals: If they select me, they select me

He comes across very frustrated , the questions are irking the shit out of him, these things are taking place and should be expected yet he is showing badly…The last guy that was getting frustrated this early in the process that I can remember was Leaf …His comments thus far not encouraging for a happy marriage in Cincy … I personally believe he is the third or fourth most talented QB in this draft…Could Herbert or Tua go #1 to Cincy if they stay put …Could QB’s go 1,2,3…Leaving the Giants to land Chase Young at #4 …I’m not sold on Burrow’s going #1 .

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Joe Burrow had better receivers and weapons at LSU than 90% of the NFL teams. It’s tough to judge him fairly against inferior college teams. That said, he had the best metrics of any college QB in history last season. You almost have to believe in his talent even though he had every advantage imaginable.

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Anyone who doesn’t take him #1 is a maniac. He destroyed all comers last year. If he falls to us, we better effing take him.


I don’t like when people say he had better weapons than other college teams. Like really? Bama has 2 WR’s that will be drafted in the top 20 of the draft. Oklahoma is now the hot-spot for top WR’s. Georgia just rolls-in top highschool WR’s.
Sorry but what you’re saying just isn’t close to true.
LSU’s receivers were good but they are not better than most NFL teams WR’s.

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I would rather Tua and his Hip and pray to GOD that he is a outlier and can be special after the injury than take Burrow’s … Not really the point though, more I can’t believe this kid is not selling himself on being all in with Cincy and saying how much he want’s to be the start of something special and win a Championship for his home town , a dream come true scenario Blah, Blah, Blah …

An NFL caliber play caller and incredible scheme paired with #2 talented WR’s of all of College football …Burrows a 5th year senior who was able to sink himself in and not attend school and had the best if not second best weapons in Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase and Terrace Marshall Jr, a RB in Clyde Edwards-Helaire and a TE Thadddeus Moss …

Joe Burrow had a dream scenario in LSU this season and was incredible, but to pretend his talent level to work with was anything but stellar is crazy and that the real difference was the offense itself …

Joe Burrow was the 36th Ranked QB for LSU in 2018 a guy who struggled to hit 50% of his passes …Nobody new the kid’s name outside of LSU

Joe Burrow 2019 #1 Ranked QB , best QB to ever play college football , best QB prospect ever …sure fire cant miss prospect …

It’s insane… add to that he is not bending over and playing the game of Cincy is the team he always wanted to play for and always dreamed he would be in orange and black and instead questions the commitment to win etc …He is a one year wonder , older 5th year senior with very little experience , questionable arm strength & could not get on the field at OSU and shit the bed in 2018 and this kid is ripe for missing out at the opportunity of a life time … I just can not grasp his method and stance at this point.

Alabama’s receiving core had 3 1st round picks in it yet I’ve seen Tua get proclaimed as the biggest quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning.

Kept in mind he also had the best rookie running back in NFL with those same dudes.

Agreed …both are coming from great talent , and Tua had it even better.

Yeah but somehow LSU had soo much more talent than the rest of college football! LOL

This argument is the chicken and egg. Somehow LSU’s talent level all of a sudden got better and made Burrows look great??? Burrows made that offense go, not the other way around. He drops passes into laps like no other…but yeah, it was somehow the scheme or whatever.

Some people are trying wayyy too hard to crap on Burrows, I hope for their sakes they are correct about him or they’ll look awfully stupid in the coming years.

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Help me understand …if Burrows was playing on the same team, with the same players and in 2018 his weapons looked real good with the ball in their hands …he struggled to get it in the hands was the issue , how do you not point to a system and Joe Brady and what he brought with him that was the key difference ? You have several of the best Coaches in College Football say the scheme and how they executed it was just unstoppable …Kudos to Burrows for putting in the work needed to do it & run it .He does have nice touch, but nothing about Burrows abilities jumps off the screen …This kid does not resemble an Andrew Luck

Joe Burrow wasn’t a 5 star prospect like Lawrence and he’s not a superplus athlete like your Mahomes or Lamar Jackson so people have to rationalize his success.

He can’t just be good


I have no issue saying the kid is good … my issue comes from people saying he is a generational talent , cant miss prospect … He was an absolute nobody coming into this season , he killed it …

For me it’s like looking at Amazon reviews of a product I could give a shit about the 1 , 4 or 5 star reviews …I want to read the 2 and 3 star reviews , the reviews by those that are not afraid to fess up to that fact that the product is not what most claim it is …then make my own judgement.

If… and I pray they do…QBs go 1 & 2 WE better take young. None of this sliding to nyg shit

Agree with both of you here. Its literally impossible to have a better season than Joe Burrow had. He is a lock to go first overall and rightfully so. He is an incredible prospect.

your serious?! I’m asking. reason why is: Burrow was considered/said to be like a 4th-round talent prior to having the table completely set for him. and only then, did his numbers soared.
great RB set
solid o-line
punishing defense
above average WR group
AND a brand new scheme that fit him to A ‘T’.

Burrow’s will not have any sense of complete or perfection here in Detroit. fans only look at his gaudy production AFTER he had God’s Gift to all QB’s…not like he was ALWAYS kicking ass BEFORE he became even greater.

I have been questioning Burrows being a system QB this entire time. It wouldn’t shock me if team are leery. I question how a guy all of a sudden “gets it” in his last year. I still hope he goes before the Lions pick.

Because he hadn’t played in three years. Because he arrived in Baton Rouge after spring practices and had 2 weeks of fall practice to get up to speed. Because LSU was ranked 99th nationally in sacks allowed and worse than that in pressures (and he’s supposed to have all this talent around him?). Because LSU ranked 96th in catch percentage, reeling in just 84% of their catchable balls (26 drops)… which is why each receiver had to catch 10,000 balls this offseason.

He also improved drastically as the season went along and set a school record for passes without an interception.

All this talent that’s allegedly around him… I think we come back to your chicken and egg argument. The same talent that dropped all those passes and allowed all those sacks? What if, and here’s a crazy concept… what if a great QB made them look better than they are? Chase was a guy seen as having potential but Jefferson? Nobody had even heard of them. And their o-line was thought to be one of their weak links.

So it’s not Burrow, then, it’s the system. OK, fine. You know who else is a system QB? Tom Brady. Drew Brees. Matt Stafford. QBs play better in systems that suit them. Shocker. Even then, Burrow set the record for TD passes AND completion percentage in a season, which is ridiculous, and better than any system QB who’s ever played.

He’s also unbelievable under pressure, and that has nothing to do with system. He completed 74% of his passes under pressure or on the run, 9.5 percentage points than any other player in the country and the top mark produced by any QB since 2011. So whatever system he finds himself in in the pros, he’ll be composed.

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It’s also possible that Burrow is a great talent and he had great talent around him. Jefferson is the son of former Charger WR John Jefferson. He was a well known prospect with great expectations. Jefferson reminds me a bit of Jerry Rice. I would love to see DET draft him if he falls to the 2nd round. I still want them to draft Dobbins but won’t be unhappy with Jefferson. WR is still a huge need on offense.

Or get this …He is a one year wonder… that’s a fact. His career in College says it’s so . How about maybe he is exactly who I think and say he is . That 2018 can not be thrown away , you can’t pretend it did not happen . Did his game improve down the stretch in 2018 , sure it did …against who exactly?

Are you going to pretend the kid was making NFL throws to the far hash? Or that if you saw him throw a deep out it wouldn’t be his first ? Anyone who thought the line was a weak link would be the same people who are ignoring Burrows weaknesses …That offense was disgusting prior to Brady , the QB constantly showing his back to defenses, 2 and 3 WR packages the norm …LSU’s Brady was an assistant without a title in New Orleans who is now an NFL OC after one season …HUGE JUMP …Who did the Carolina Panthers think was the difference maker at LSU? …Let’s hope Burrows throws at the combine and stands tall with his peers .

I won’t argue that Burrow’s got some crazy strong arm. Standing next to Herbert, Love and Eason, his passes aren’t gonna zip anything like ‘em. But crazy arm strength is NOT a prerequisite for success in the NFL, there are too many super-duper stars with average arms. What matters is that it’s strong enough, and it’s plenty strong enough.

I think since you’re an Ohio State fan you’ve got some sort of strange vendetta against Burrow for the way things went for him there. Anyone can bust, but you act like it’s not in the realm of possibility that he could become a great success, which just doesn’t add up. I don’t like Herbert at all, and certainly not as much as you do, but I’m willing to admit he could be a big success and I could be dead wrong.