I think I am Ok I will post first FA I would like to add

We should add a DLman if they let A’Shawn Robinson go seems like they will.

We need to ad one two is Snacks leaves But right Now I am looking at one.

Vernon Butler Age: 25 Exp: 6’ 4" / 330 lbs.
D J Reader Age 26 6’ 3"/347
Javon Hargrave 26 6’ 2" / 305 lbs.

One of these would along with Snacks help in the middle of DL We also have players on roster that will add depth John Atkins… Da’Shawn Hand… Kevin Strong I would bring M Daniels back if he passes heavy medical an at about half of cost last year on a show me deal.

This would make the Center of DL solid IMO

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Second would be try extend Sal 2 more years an fair cost meaning he would have next 3 seasons as Lion

I would like Lions to sign James Bradberry 26 years old 6’ 1" / 212 lbs.
He is only one I like right now with a 2 year add on to Slay
then your CB heading to draft would be Those 2 plus Justin Coleman… Amani Oruwariye.( was showing a lot better last few games ) Mike Jackson Lions picked him later from Dallas he was The Cowboys selected Jackson in the fifth round of the 2019 NFL Draft Ford an Virgin will be back the are ERFA Jamal Agnew

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Olive Sagapolu DT Experience: RHeight: 6-2Weight: 331lbs**College:**Wisconsin

Lions like this guy they signed him for 2020 an 2021 Reserve/Future contracts.

I need to look into him more .

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I like Hargrave and Reader a lot too but they’re very different types of iDL. Reader would be more of a replacement for Snacks - elite run-defender, not as good against the pass. I hesitate to call him a nose tackle cause he does have some prowess as a pass-rusher, but it’s certainly not a strength. Hargrave is more of pressure iDL, he was second in pressures this year only to Donald and Chris Jones, but he’s not nearly as stout against the run (he’s only 6’2, 305). That said, he’s got a low center of gravity and he’s tenacious so he’s better against the run than he has any right to be, it will just never be a strength. Both guys are gonna want to get paid.

Of course if Snacks retires, we might need both.

DT FA class appears to be quite good

We invested a lot of cash last year in a heavy NT in Harrison and a pressure 3t in Daniels. This while we knew we had Hand coming back and A’Shawn. That was supposed to be our core. There is a very real chance that we lose 3 out of those 4 this offseason. They will need to be replaced and it’s pretty obvious to me, with the build from the middle out mindset, that this spots will be high investment. So:

Shelton replaces Snacks (I think you quit before you leave and I think Harrison is out)
Hargraves replaces Daniels (Kid has a high motor, is young and can pressure). A lower budget option that I was a big fan of coming out was Andrew Billings for depth.

That would leave us with Hand, Flowers and Okwara coming back, plus I tend to count Kennard as basically an EDGE on the left side.

Hand is a good player, but his low cost and coming off injury should not prevent us from investing in a better version up top like a TD for Brown or TD / TU for Kinlaw. Or adding a guy lower like R.Davis out of Bama. These guys can play that 5t/3t role and improve the quality of our depth with Hand coming off the bench.

LDE could be improved and there are some options in FA and the draft. Maybe a small TU from the 2nd for Gross-Matos, or if we want to dip back into FA with Ngaukoe or Judon.

I’d like to upgrade Kennard and there are several options. Barrett, Dupree, Fowler or as painful as it would be… Van Noy.

So as Husker said, there are a lot of Dline options this season in FA and the draft so I expect a lot of attention, especially if we shed Harrison, A’Shawn and Daniels.

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Arik Armistead. DE, Reader is also a good choice.

Some of the reason our interior line was so bad last season was injuries. After that, there was little pressure out of the DE’s, and seldom any blitz to worry about. All that combined made our interior appear much weaker than it really was, IMO. Better DE play, LB’s/safeties/CB’s blitzing on occasion make the interior face less double teams. That said, upgrading is always good, if it can be done. Daniels is pretty good if healthy, but not at last years price. Snacks is aging a bit, but can still be disruptive and valuable. A’Shawn is serviceable, IMO, but obvious upgrades are there to be had. I guess my take is that scheme change and health will go a long ways to improving line play.

I think you have it backwards, Patricia said the interior was getting no push, witch was allowing teams to chip our DEs making them less effective.

That is the secret to roster building right there. How can I improve my roster today, and every day? The draft should be about talent. You can shore up holes using FA.

That’s why Daniels’ injuries all year hurt us so bad, he was supposed to be one of our main pressure guys. It wouldn’t surprise me if he came back as long as he doesn’t cost too much (and the free agent DT class is loaded, there should be plenty of bargain signings). He did say he loved Patricia and wanted revenge against the Packers, both of those things still hold.

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I’d love Daniels back on the cheap

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I agree why not Kamalei Correa add him on the edge Capable of playing both on the EDGE and in an off-the-ball linebacker role, Correa is a true JACK linebacker in the Lions scheme.

I think there’s a good chance he’s back. He will likely draw a decent price too.

Snacks also will likely be back.

So I’d expect the Lions to add another DT either via FA or the draft. Maybe both.

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I agree Air. I think Daniels is back for a couple reasons. #1 after 2 years of injuries and his age he is not going to get any big $$ offers. #2 he had a lot of interest last year and chose Detroit. Lastly, (very thin argument) there is something about him that says he owes the Lions. They paid him and he didn’t deliver. I could see 4M with lots of incentives like games played or most likely snap count. I also think Snacks comes back but later in the process. He doesn’t need to learn his position or the scheme. He also doesn’t need the wear and tear of a long grueling camp. He got what he wanted last year and those dollars will look real good in a couple months.

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Originally, I thought the same thing but am having second thoughts now. I think they will try to sign A’Shawn if he and his agent are reasonable. He is still young and has some upside. His agent will have a sense of where he would fit and who might pay. He has shown flashes but not brilliance or consistency. Not too sure teams want to invest heavily in that. I wouldn’t! There is a reason a guy who was looked at as a top ten pick at one time, went midway in the second round. He hasn’t shown enough to change how he was viewed back then. IF teams perceive him as a rotational player, not a difference maker, like the guys you mention, his value isn’t there. I offer a nice deal with some guarantees but at around 7M and some incentives. Back end load it with a lot of cash that he will either earn, or be cut with no CAP damage.

The Lions “draft board” may influence what they do as well. IF they “like” D Brown as the early pick then A’Shawn probably isn’t in the mix (it will matter what they hear from Snacks and do with M Daniels too). If they are “looking at” Okudah then DL in FA, or signing our own is more important.