I think Lion FA buying is over

I doubt we make any major moves maybe couple of depth signings.

Not much out there that will be costly .

Now get busy an resign are LOT Decker an are WR Golladay

I am still hoping for 1 more starter. I am hoping we do Golladay 1st. Will show him where he stands with the organization.

Time to turn our focus to the draft? We can add starters or rotational pieces with the first 4-5 picks if we nail them. After that, we have to hope for special teams an developmental players at best. Maybe we get a guy with injury concerns that falls and can contribute year 1.

Here is an updated look at the depth chart. Lots of room for improvement: https://lionswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/19/updated-lions-depth-chart-after-free-agency-moves/

Over? When did it start?

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According to Sportstrac we still have 42 mil to play with.

Keep in mind Slay, Kennard and Wagner saves us some cap space.

We have plenty to make several more signings. But I expect them to be shorter term deals.