I think they should bring back Joey


I don’t always back a good horse but I don’t back down dammit.


You’re outta your freaking mind. He never should have been drafted in the first place.
Was that the correct response?


Plus, he’s damn near as old as Brady!


You mean bring him back to play Piano on the sidelines with Siragusa singing next to him?


It didn’t take long for the new board to have a topic that leaves me totally confused. :thinking:


I think that was the intended effect.



I was wondering who would be the first smart ass … lol


Just thought I would bring back a very emotional memory.


PS, Bring back Blue Skies.


I think Aveion Cason should be his RB…


Not sure how he didn’t do well with stalwart athletes like Bill Schroeder and Az Hakim as his receivers …


And don’t forget Mike McMahon! What a backup QB!


Just remember I was a die hard supporter. I was way wrong, so not sure if I would listen to much I say about players in the future. lol.


Joey is busy running an upscale sports bar in Portland OR. He can’t be too bad he put my beer on tap

I actually had an exchange with him where I poked fun of the champagne and strawberry comment

He still seems a little annoyed by it


Bring him back for what? Musical ambiance at practice or a live, unplugged piano version of forward down the field during games?


Tread carefully.

Talking shit about Mike McMahon will get you a lifetime ban around here, understand me?!? :upside_down_face:


I think the Hawk frim Buck Rogers avatar may be the best thing Inhave seen in weeks…


What? He was a good receiver!


They are trying to bring back Joey only this time it is Justin Hebert from the same school.