I think they should bring back Joey


Him playing piano would had been a better turkey day half time show I guess


Used to see Mike McMahon working out at Ballys.


Strangely, I just hired a new brewer and front house manager for my project in Bozeman. A brother and sister - Their mom played Lt. Sheba in the old school Battlestar Galactia and played a couple characters in Buck Rogers. And Fall Guy, Knight Rider, Airwolf…

My inner 80’s child is going to geek out when I meet her


He’s going to come back and take the league by storm, Flutie style!


Give McMahon his due. He made the game interesting, since you never knew where the ball was going. Harrington bored you to death with the 2-4 yard dump offs. Magic Mike would scramble around while no one got open before slinging it and hoping for the best. He was a poor man’s Michael Vick without the animal abuse.


and without an accurate arm too, that was pretty important


Yeah, and he also beat the Vikings in week 14 in a so far winless season. With Morton, Scotty Anderson and Larry Foster…

And he was still a better choice than Ty Detmer (8 INTs in one game, one called back for penalty)

Stupid Millen should have stuck with Batch.


Are you for real?


I was talking about what McMahon did in 2001. I was adding to the McMahon appreciation.

Ty Detmer had a limper noodle arm than Joey.

And Batch with a bad leg was still better than all three of the above.

Who was your answer for 2001-2005 if not Batch?

For what it’s worth, I would have rather had McMahon than Joey. Would have been cheaper.

In 2005 I wanted Brees or Warner. They both were available in 2005. Or we could have drafted Aaron Rodgers…

Instead, Joey.


Yeah, but, Detmer was a Heisman winner, so…


dndlion- I think Aveion Cason should be his RB…

“As long as he backs up Brian Calhoun”…shouts the guy from the back of the room.


Chuck Long, Andre Ware