I think what the Lions argued about


hiring a coach that is deep into the playoffs makes it tough for that coach to get the right hires. I think there will be a huge change in coaches next season. What are your thoughts on this.


Wonder if JBC even makes it to the off-season


If he makes it to next week, it’d be another reason to replace Quinn and Patricia.


MP hired his friends. He got the people he wanted. Quinn wanted MP even though he had no idea how MP would do as a HC. MP hired a bunch of his friends even though they did not have solid credentials. I think MP thinks he is smart enough on his own to overcome average coachings. Belichek apparently is as evidenced by the failure rate of his assistants as HC’s. Quinn and MP own this mess and in my personal opinion MP should be broomed now and Quinn as well since he he fired a winning coach because in his words “this team is better than a 9-7 team”. Then he brings in an unproven HC. The lower coaches are not the problem. The HC is - JMO


I know everyone likes talking about getting rid of JBC, but what about Paul Pasqualoni? The guy is a dinosaur and belongs in a museum somewhere, not an NFL sideline.


He did have that kind of “Grandpa’s ready to go back to the home” look out there.


I wish the Lions would stop using their new bend and spread defense. It’s just embarrassing watching them get screwed every weekend.


I do believe you’re onto something there. I’m sure there are a few coaches on the staff that he’s wanted to have for a while, but I also thing there are a few that he sort of “ended up with”. I, too, believe there will be some turnover as he pulls in some guys outside of his Syracuse rolodex.


At this point, a knee jerk firing would be pointless. Nothing that is wrong with this team is going to be fixed mid-season.