I want more picks!

I’ve been doing the PFN Mock Draft simulator and I don’t want to pick at #3 overall, I want multiple trade-downs and to stock-pile as many picks as we can get for the first 3 rounds.

Trade down with Miami, trade down with the Chargers, trade down with Oakland.

I’d love to come out of this draft with a couple of first round players.

I know it all hinges on Tua and if any team really thinks he’s worth moving-up for.

Make it happen, Quinn.


A double trade down is the cat’s ass. Second only to Young @ 3. Will be extremely pissed (in which I’ve explained many times) if we take Okudah @ 3.


Or Brown.

But to be honest, I don’t think anyone is really worth that #3 pick (for us anyways) other than CY.


Agreed. I was high on Brown, now I’m waffling. Wirfs has now entered the picture as a good selection of need. But then again, a guard @ 3 ?!?

I can’t win this…

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This is how I’ve felt for a couple of months. It’s CY at #3 or trade down, a couple of times. I would be happy with Brown, Kinlaw, Okudah or Simmons and a OT or WR in the first. In the 2nd round there will be RB and edge talent available.


I’ve always thought this way, but it takes two to tango and the trade options have shrunk considerably after FA. Sometimes no matter how badly you’d like to move, you just have to make the pick.

I want a trade down but I do feel like Okudah is the best option by a sizable margin so I’d prefer it be with the Dolphins. If Quinn feels the same way he needs to find a way to convince the Dolphins or Chargers otherwise.

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When I think about what makes the team better. Insert any player in this draft - literally…even if we were picking at #1.

Young is the only one to me that you can even make an argument for. I feel like a double trade down would be uhhhh-maaayyy-zing. Even Young wouldn’t be as impactful as the FOUR extra starters we pick up in that scenario.

I’d love to have Young. I think he will be gone, by the time we get to the computer screen (podium).

I think there is a decent chance we will have the opportunity to trade back, but it’s more likely we won’t. I think there’s a 50% or better chance we get stuck at 3, which sucks, because I don’ t see a massive difference between Brown/OT/Okudah/Jeudy/Simmons, in terms of W/L column.

I think Brown would have the biggest impact, just because of what we already have and the system we run.

I think Jeudy may be the 2nd best player in the draft, behind Young

I’d be elated if we did a double trade back and snagged an Jeudy, an OT, a home run hitting RB, and whatever else they thought was BPA (hopefully DT or DE).

One thing we can agree on - one dude said the other day “I just hope they don’t take a long snapper or punter before the 5th round” LOL

Sadly I think a punter is in play with our second 5th rounder.

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Sadly I think a punter is in play with our second 5th rounder.

I think that would be about right time unless they like one of two we have already.

Also i have read they like Fox thats name of one of the Two you can find name of the other one.

I’d rather wait until round 6 but I’m not going to cry bloody murder

Spot on …#3 or #5 get Okudah the Elite prospect he is and lock down that Elite Corner Prospect on the cheap.

I’d be open to Okudah if we traded down to around the 8th pick and then had another pick around 20.

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I think Carolina would be a real threat to take Okudah.

Arizona as well

They can have him!


Yep. That’s what I have trouble understanding with this fan base and forum.

Some of the same people that don’t want Tua because he won’t help the team enough in 2020, want to reach to take Okudah, when you can easily get a free agent CB this summer who will be able to step in and play as good as rookie Okudah in 2020.

Rookie CBs struggle more in this league now than rookie QBs. The league has changed.

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I may be in the minority here, but I think there’s such a thing as too many rookies running around. IMHO, most of them are really NFL-ready yet, and they make too many mistakes that can cost your team. And a lot of them need to get stronger and tougher, both mentally and physically. Right now, I believe they have 9 picks, with an extra one in the 3rd and 5th rounds. I’d be fine with a TD in the 1st, from 3 to 5 or 6, but not much lower. If they did go lower than that, then I’d be looking to trade back up in later rounds if there’s somebody I really want. For me, 9 or 10 picks is plenty, cuz the thing is, if you keep 'em all then you gotta got some vets; that or you gotta put 'em on the PS where they’re at risk of being poached.

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This would be the best way to get an upgrade in talent, that’s for sure.

I 2nd this notion.

Wouldn’t be struggling sitting on the bench.