I was watching one of the NFL Network pre-game shows

3 or 4 guys most in suits…sitting there talking about this game, they heavily talked about how good the Vikings are , showed their current record , the rattled off the best players for Minny , talked about how well coached they are and so on.

when Detroit was mentioned? They muttered something about Bevell & Stafford then switched to this older guy and he said " yeah that game last week…all the Lions wanted to do is blame the officials and that game had nothing to do with the officials."

I’m thinking ‘man your one dumb SOB when several figures outside of Detroit felt like it was not just our players or fans.’

There are several Lions beat writers who took the same patronizing angle.

Dave Birkett is now dead to me. I was so offended by how he pretended to be above the fray by saying the cliche "good teams don’t blame the refs’ bullshit. That game was clearly the exception to anyone with a brain.

Valente is a troll and predictably blamed the Lions fans for blaming the officiating. He’s always been a dickhead.

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I avoid the pre-game talking heads like the plague. Waste of air.

Howie long just said something about one ill advised time and some bad officiting calls away from being 5-0.

yeah this was the first time in probably six years I watched ANY of it…wished I hadn’t seen any of this either.