I wonder if it were possible for Stafford to do a Ryan Tannehill reincarnation

Yep … an effective run game will do wonders for the passing game. I’ve attempted to make this point for years and I’m still waiting for an effective run game, where teams are forced to stack the box to stop it. It’s never happened in the Stafford era. It came close with Bush and Best. We made the playoffs those years. Amazing how that works.

Another point that drives me nuts with BQ is that he has MJ and KG at 1&2 WR spots. Neither are good at separating but both are good at winning contested balls. I figure he did this because he knows they are facing 7 to 8 players dropping into coverage. But we really need to have a couple WR’s who can create separation too. This is important on 3rd downs and in the red zone. I just feel like our WR group isn’t diverse enough.

look I did it fairly…I used BOTH of their CAREER completion percentages to show the difference between their accuracy…not ONLY when Tannehill played for Tennessee…

I get it, you and Speil want the higher numbers . you cant just choose the seasons RT played on the Titans…anybody that does is just butt hurt , because Stafford & Tanny are “closer” when you look at overall careers.

yet you have to say “yeah BUT…look what Tannehill did the last two seasons as a Titan.”

So, you want to talk about what guys did 8 years ago to judge their accuracy now? Okay. Well guess what? Tannehill’s completion percentage is still higher.
And as far as being but hurt goes, why does it cause you so much pain that another QB might just be better than Stafford?
I am waiting for all the typical excuses that no QB in the history of the NFL has had to deal with all the obstacles put in his way that Stafford has had.
Just accept the fact that Stafford is somewhere between a 12-20 NFL QB, although this year he is ranked #29 in passing with a 60.6%…Dwayne Haskins has a higher % and was benched. He is 18th in QB rating. And even the statistic that so many on here want to point to him being elite, yards, he is 18th in yards per game. He’s 22nd in QBR.
He isn’t having a very good year.
Caldwell was the only HC that had Stafford playing at a very high level…top 7 or 8 in the league, but that wasn’t good enough for the Lions so they fired him and it has been all downhill since. In 2018 he was one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL. He played well last year until he was injured but this year he is back in the bottom 3rd of QBs.\ This doesn’t mean he sucks, but he isn’t doing a very good job on the field. Can he turn it around? I don’t know…I don’t think he enjoys playing for Patricia, I think he might be ready to retire, I think he might just not care…who can say?
It is what it is…and all the wishing and excuses aren’t going to help.
Now he has a stretch coming up against some really weak defenses. If he can improve his play, the Lions should have excellent chances to win many of those games.

are you done??, nobody gives a rats ass . Stafford is GOING to fall behind MANY other QB’s simply because he plays HERE under complete bullshit leadership and a garbage defense ON one of the worst teams in the League.!

Danny Amendola dropped 11 of his footballs when targeted THIS season and has 177 yards and ZERO TD’s "currently.

Kenny Golladay?? dropped 5 footballs , has 119 yards and 2 TD’s.

MJ: 138 yards 1 TD dropped 7 footballs that went his way.

Hock?? 180 yards 2 TD’s but also dropped 5 footballs thrown .

HEY??? go look at our sorry ass running game, I’ll wait.

Adrian Peterson , KJ , and Swift don’t rack up 400 yards ALL TOGETHER

And nobody gives a rat’s ass about excuses. The guy doesn’t get it done.

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I gave you facts. any idiot can CLEARLY see and read that Stafford is not getting quality help from the Offensive players, and certainly not from the defense where Patricia is trying to dumb things down for the D.

as I said, 3 of our RB’s (at this point) , have not ran for 400 yards COMBINED

AND, I don’t “need” to make excuses for why our defense is doing so bad, you can see that ! but hey go talk to our head coach, I’m sure you’ll get a concise answer .

The great ones make all those around them better. Brady, Brees, Rodgers etc. elevated the play of mediocre players. Stafford doesn’t seem like he can do that IMO

Barry this team is made up of INDIVIDUAL players, all 53 or whatever ok?

each and every player has their own set of responsibilities. ok ? the combination of players creates a ~team~ , the team has to play well “together” to ( w. i. n. ) Stafford aside, the team is playing like shit…Stafford by himself, isn’t doing wonders—everybody see’s that.

winning & losing is a team stat of ALL the players and NOT just Matt Stafford…ok??

THEN you factor in WHY the entire team is playing half assed?? turn to WHO & WHAT Leads this team…ok??

there isn’t a sole on the Bob Quinn / Matt Patricia bandwagon. THEY have shown they are not the answer here.

those two were SUPPOSED to get this team to win and they cannot.

because Patricia is so poor and Quinn is no better, it heavily reflects on the team and each and every player in a NEGATIVE way because Patricia & Quinn are not a positive here.

I have to think REAL hard to a time the defense was THIS bad. BUT our offensive players are not faring well EITHER !

So how does Stafford look because of ALL this?? He’s not doing that BAAD…but he surely could have been better (BY HIS OWN PLAY).

YET , I am not excusing anyone else either !! for playing poorly TO.

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Here we go again… QBs win games with their elevating skills… their heart and focus… making everyone better… the stuff they say on tv to excite the plebs.

Since the only fair thing to do is go all the way back, Stafford’s career completion percentage at Georgia was 57%. It only topped 60% his Jr. year. With a not-too-impressive 51-33 TD to INT ratio.

“tHaT’s NoT FaIr! tHe RuNnInG gAmE!”

He had Knowshon Moreno running for about 1,400 yards a season in those years.

Re-spin the Stafford Excuse Wheel.

“tHe WiDe ReCeIvErS!”

Mohammad Massaquoi was a 2nd Round NFL draft pick.


Tannehill at Texas A&M: 62.5% completion rate.

I’ll call their respective high schools on Monday.

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Some people just dont get it. Seahawks and Packers are undefeated and they have the 2 best QB’s in the NFC. What a coincidence. Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the league… he won the SB last year. Tom Brady the greatest QB of all time has 6 SB’s. He goes to the Bucs and despite many injuries, are much better than last year. What a coincidence. You think the Broncos win the SB with Brock Osweiler instead of a Peyton Manning that can’t throw? You don’t think that Mannings presence helped win that SB, even with a diminished skill set?

QB trumps all. Time to wake up.

GB has the #1 rated OL right now. Aaron Rogers has had the fewest QB pressures of any QB by far with only 18. The NYG have given up the most pressures with a whopping 84.

Oh by the way Ten OL is 10th in run blocking and 5th in pass blocking.

While I do believe QB play is important I’d argue that if you look closely you will see that often they have an excellent supporting cast.

Again, you not going to have pro bowlers at ever position on the line. Our line is solid. Most were happy we extended Decker. Jackson and Ragnow are decent. Stop making excuses for Stafford!

Where in my post did I mention Stafford let alone make an excuse for him? … I didn’t.

But just in case your wondering. The Lions OL ranks 22nd in run blocking and 26th in pass blocking. That’s below average at both … no where near “solid” my friend.

Incase your curious where our DL ranks. We’re dead last in nearly every category. We have by far the worst DL in the league.

Which is sad when you consider that BQ revamped it this offseason.

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No he doesn’t with piss poor defenses, head coaches, GM’s, DC’s RB’s . they are reasons why Stafford falls behind that only occasionally has anything to do with him.

yet you don’t say anything about a failing defense, Matt Patricia, or how you can take a group of three of our RB’s and here on Oct 17th 2020? they haven’t ran 400 yards between ALL THREE, but that’s Staffords fault.

Tell me what Stafford does with a competent team and head coach even, you can’t because he only had ONE HC that did anything worthwhile in all of Staffords’ career …
crazy what Stafford has to work with but damn he’s got to do as good as Rogers and any other QB you can spit out…no matter what dog shit defense, coach, GM, RB’s he has right !?

The Lions were not straight kicking ass for years and years , THEN Stafford came along and screwed that all up…but that’s how you act Lions2020.

The Lions were being lead by the blind over 20 years ago, lost their ass, became a laughing stock of the league, went-0-16 , rebuild, rebuild, 27/28 head coaches 7 different owners and sucked…what has changed??? nothing …but you blame it all on Stafford. his name is all that comes out your mouth-as proof. The Owners didn’t do a flipping thing in 2009 when Stafford arrived, but prove that they do not care if we lose-period just like decades before back to the 1930’s… guess what??? we kept losing.

they let someone with ZERO Head Coaching ability or experience become our head coach !!! look what happened over his tenure… I’m all for Blaming Stafford when he deserves it but he didn’t run the team into the ground !!

Stafford has been the best player, not just QB…PLAYER on this team, nobody else can do shit but once in a while IF they do…yet you say “Stafford this” “Stafford that.” “The guy doesn’t get it done.” NO, who leads this team doesn’t IT STARTS THERE.

OUR Leaders can’t even assemble a good defense and this is 2020 !!!

where have we seen this before? why is it ONE RB cannot/has not ran 400 yards this season…instead of adding Swift, KJ, AND AP who don’t add up to 400 damn yards together !? who’s fault is that ??? OUR WR’s lead the ^%$@ LEAGUE in dropped passes!? and here you are, “The guy doesn’t get it done.” --meaning Stafford??

The guy that doesn’t get it done is Bob Quinn , The guy that doesn’t get it done is Matt Patricia , the guy that doesn’t get it done is Cory Undlin !!