If chargers trade with us for tua and mia stays drafts love

Mia stays at 5 drafts Love (according to Mcshay) should the lions risk losing okudah trade down with Jacksonville at 9? Trade 5 for there nine and there franchised DE. Or stay at 5 and draft okudah? Ohh sorry jacksonville of course wants Herbert.

It’ll take more than #9 and player since that player is going to ne looking for a HUGE $$$$ extension

Let’s make it 9 and Josh Allen for 3 and 26 (presuming we get that from Miami.) I’d do that. That would value Allen as the 15th pick. If we added 35 it would value Allan as the #6OA pick and now you might be talking depending on how bad they want Herbet. I doubt they’d go for that but I don’t want Yannick at $20m per season.

Edit: just realized your scenario was the Chargers first. That would probably eliminate any chance at Allen if there even was one to begin with