If it's me picking at 3

Going against most on this forum, I would choose Tua at #3 if no trade down opportunities.
He is the complete package, has the accuracy, the are strength, the smarts, pocket awareness and a bit of speed for the QB position.
Let him sit behind Matt in 2020, and give the new 2021 staff a QB to build around. (AGAIN)

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I don’t think he’s going to be all that great in the pros, so I’m definitely not co-signing that one.:see_no_evil:


You want to draft a rookie QB with a career threatening injury when you already have a top 10 QB on the roster? crazy thinking. Let other teams gamble on this prospect and trade down.

Besides, you have a coach and GM who are in a win now or get fired position.

Not seeing the pocket presence that you are. From the games I watched he panics when he can’t escape outside the pocket and has a difficult time navigating the pocket, stepping up, and finding throwing lanes. He takes some bad sacks and big hits.

BUUUUT, he is fantastic when he’s kept clean. Arm strength may be a little questionable but he has a great deep ball.

I think Tua is gonna be a great Pro QB in the “new” NFL. He’s got all the intangibles and has performed on a big stage and under pressure since a freshman.

But I just don’t follow the logic on drafting him and sitting him for a year…?

  1. You assume the current staff (Quinntricia) is willing to bet their careers and future employment by using their #3 pick in the NFL draft and JUST SIT HIM FOR A YEAR? Makes no sense from their perspective to use such a valuable draft pick and then just bench him… They need to win now…their jobs are on the line.

  2. You also assume that Tua sits “behind Matt in 2020” and the Lions lose with Stafford playing.

“and give the new 2021 staff a QB to build around.” The Lions offense with Stafford and Bevell looked pretty good. If he stays healthy in 2020, could the Lions put up some big offensive numbers and win some more ball games? It’s possible…

So is the “new staff” going to be a new GM and a new Head Coach…assuming they clean house after a 2020 losing season?

Tua is going to be a good player…I just don’t see the logic in Quinn and Patricia using the #3 pick and benching him so the “new 2021 staff” can have a QB to build around. They must be really nice guy’s to draft a QB for the next regime after they get fired.

I am a fan of Stafford, but he’s north of 31, coming off 2 consecutive years of a fractured back. Tua sits for how many games ?? The QB position is the most critical for a winning NFL franchise, Tua is the real deal IMO, not dissing on Matt or the 1/2 season he had with Bevell. I just don’t see Matt sticking it out if he has 1 more serious injury. Get our future QB now, and let the grooming begin.
As far as Quinn picking a QB at 3, this is where ownership needs to make her presence felt. No one player can right this ship. A top QB for the future can make up for the failed MP experiment.
Quick, who did the Lions pass on to draft Stafford?
**[1][Matthew Stafford]
1 2 [St. Louis Rams][Jason Smith]
1 3 [Kansas City Chiefs][Tyson Jackson]
1 4 [Seattle Seahawks] [Aaron Curry]
1 5 [New York Jets] [Mark Sanchez]
1 6 [Cincinnati Bengals] [Andre Smith]

If Stafford is staying, then you don’t draft a QB until round 4 or later.

Is Stafford staying healthy? Will he continue to get pounded in the pocket?
I’m guessing the Colts wish they put a bit more foresight into there QB coming off injuries.

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You’ve confused Matt with his wife…
3 daughters and still running strong!


If Stafford gets hurt again we won’t have to worry about a quarterback because we will be choosing from Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence in 2021.


Lawrence…all day.

Sounds like Matt Millen’s son is back. Tua has been injured and he even said he may never again be the player he was. And, you want to take him three overall. He would be a risk at 3 in the second.


I’d pass on Tua at 3. But if anyone else wants to gamble on him, I’d trade down in a heartbeat

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To be honest, I think Matt would have played more if the team had a legitimate chance of winning the division. I don’t think his injury was that bad and the staff decided to shut him down and tank, knowing that had Martha’s support


THIS. I think we all knew perhaps after the Green Bay loss and definitely after Viking loss that to make the playoffs this year the 6th seed was going to need 10-11 wins and that wasn’t going to happen this year. At best we were going to go 9-6-1. Even w some kind of run.