If no trade down

I have come full circle that the Lions won’t get an offer to trade down…big disappointment here for me.

I have decided that Isaiah Simmons should be our pick as well after watching a bunch of film. Name another guy like him? You will struggle to find someone that can do all the things he can do. Jeff Okudah is a great player but I want someone that changes the entire look of our defense and I think Simmons does that. If you stay at #3, you need to find a franchise changing player. Just don’t see Okudah being better than Slay.


Okudah projects to be a better player than Slay. The proof will be in the pudding.

There’s a chance Chase drops. There’s a chance for a trade down. We don’t know what the Skins are thinking. We don’t know what the teams below us are thinking. You can’t go by media reports or team statements at this time.

And yes, there’s a chance we’re stuck at 3. If that’s the case it will be interesting to see what Quinn does. Lots of intrigue all around. I’m really looking forward to Thursday night. Hoping for the best.

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Unless Quinn want’s Simmons, a QB or one of the OTs in particular, I don’t see how we don’t trade down. Either Chargers or Dolphins are going to throw something at us to ensure they get their QB and there is no downside to the Lions to take the same guy at 5 that they were going to take at 3. It might not be the bevy of picks that us Lions fans want, but there really isn’t a downside to us moving down to 5.

Right now I think we might go OT. Which one is anybodys guess. But at least that gets us value at 3/5, and we kinda still have a hole on our OL.