If Swift catches that ball

Does anyone here feel like we would have turned the corner, or be heading in the right direction with QuinnTricia at 3-2 and staring down a bunch of winnable games???

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2-3 or 3-2 it is still much of a muchness. We have been completely outplayed by the two teams we have played who would have realistic ambitions of winning the NFC.

At the very least in year three we should be able to beat bad teams the likes of the Jags, Washington, the Vikings on their current form and the Texans and Falcons with interim coaches.

Today was a good win where the defence played better and there were plenty of positives but also some of the old failings still there. If the defence can get to league average they will go very close to making the play offs.

I don’t think we have turned a corner yet but it was nice to see us lead from start to finish and get the win. This team could easily get 8 wins beating bad teams. A couple of wins will be needed against the likes of the Packers, Bears, Bucs, Colts and Titans to make the play offs . If Patricia can get them or at least get the team to play hard in those games then he gives himself a chance to get another season. But if the better sides continue to blow us out and completely outcoach him them it’s time to move on.

go look at the bears next three games… they could loose them all - going 5-4

we win our next three and we go 5-3 … even with the missed catch by swift…

we are fighting for the last two wild card spot unless we suddenly rip of 5 games straight! which would be cool imho

I do not!

Prior to this week the Lions OL hadn’t played well.
WR were dropping footballs more than any group in the league.
Stafford was struggling and the Offense was only scoring 24 pts a game.
The defense was just got awful.

I feel like we were lucky to beat ARZ. In fact I feel like ARZ beat themselves.

CHI I feel like we played well enough to beat them but we beat ourselves.

The team as a whole is playing bad football. Too many mental errors too many stupid penalties and too many mistakes. The Jags are just far worse than we are.

Unless we improve a lot going forward I think we will struggle to win many games. I think we’re a 5-6 win team if Stafford stays healthy.