If the Lions lose Sunday - they clinch last place

For me that’s hard to swallow. Quinn and Patricia took a 9-7 team and turned them into last place dwellers two years in a row.

I ask myself … is there anything these two did, this year, that instills confidence they can turn it around?

So once these two clinch last place again (which they will) … what confidence will you have in them that they can turn it around next year? Do you have hope?


A lot of us figured 4th place before the season began, but we were called haters. When you spend your biggest resource on a TE at pick #8, there really isn’t a lot of confidence in the upcoming season.

And this picture tells you all you need to know about his professionalism.


See nothing wrong with the shirt. Goodell IS a clown as well as court jester for the owners. A $40 mil/yr gig to do so. He must be a great clown to demand that salary.


Look at NFL revenue increases under his watch and you will see why he’s allowed to make so much.

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I guess if you see nothing wrong with that shirt, then you have the head coach you deserve.


He was criticized for not wearing that shirt, in a sense, by not going hard at the NFL for the bad calls.

The only other clown who wears shirts like that is Freddie Kitchens. Another slob, who shouldn’t be an NFL coach, coaching the worst organization in the league besides Detroit.

Patricia is a bigger stain than Millen.

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it Doesn’t look like anyone has any confidence.


I see it as my hope more based on not wanting another rebuild bc that is what would happen if BQ/MP fail. I also see it as two starkly different styles clashing and growing pains as a result where maybe MP gets it right over the next year.

They get another year imho. It is what it is…

I hope they do well as the Lions are my one and only team…

If they don’t… I still have to live a life - it’s just a game I watch on TV… I do not let it affect my soul anymore like many still do here… bigger things out there for me to ponder… you know like what is my live calling today; who can I help today and how can i be a better human being …

I hope they do… that is all.

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I have very little confidence that they can turn it around.

They’re track record together sucks. I’m sure they’ll get another year…Can’t say that they deserve another shot.

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Well, Quinn did trade Diggs for a fifth-rounder, which if you ask some people is akin to walking on water.

I mean, I’m not sure what’s better: a winning record, or trading Diggs. Personally, I’m torn. I mean, I’d totally love to finally have a team that is watchable on a Sunday, but then again, if we’ve learned anything from Quinn, it’s that he can flip solid veteran players for late-round draft picks. And who KNOWS what that might yield. Maybe another Tyrell Crosby? Maybe Jeremiah Ledbetter?


I know right?!?! LOL
Add 3 million of dead cap, the rookie 5th rounders salary, and we’ll be paying 3.5 million for a rookie 5th round pick…but hey, Diggs was a 6th round pick so we fleeced those dumb Seahawks. They can take their stupid victories and playoffs, we have their 5th round pick…suckers!!!


I’ve been a Lions fan for my entire life and this is the least confident I’ve ever been in the future of the team.

The Lions weren’t great before these dudes showed up but they weren’t a joke anymore.

A good coach doesn’t take a 9 win team to what they have been these last 2 seasons and eventually figure it out.

That’s not my opinion either it hasn’t happened in the last 27 years and maybe ever I just stopped checking because that’s when free agency and the salary cap started.


0-16 was my “least confident” I seriously questioned EVER watching The Lions again !

Here in 2019 it’s not even CLOSE to that for me, because our offense is a bit above “average” you fall off a hundred foot cliff when you compare the defense to it . The Offense is B grade , and the defense is D-…there is no comparison.

my biggest concern is wtf Bob Quinn is going to do this offseason because the defense has to be seriously better than this !

I knew people were getting fired after 0-16.

Going 0-16 with that roster is as bad as going 6-10 and 3-12-1 with this one.

And they are likely keeping their jobs.

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I’m with you … its hard to have faith in these coaches… right now it feels we’re stuck with a sub par staff and we’re watching a ship slowly sink.

Fire them now. Why put off making a decision on these clowns. They are going to suck again next year.
Between the Tigers and Lions…the future looks like a dark closet.


Well its official.

MP has accomplished last place in the division two years in a row.

BQ thinks that 9-7 wasn’t good enough but now we’re on the right track??

Send them both packing.


Patricia has 9 wins…it just took him 2 years to do it.