If the stadium wont have fans anyway, isnt this the year to tank?

No fans means lost revenue. Its hard on teams. So lets use it for the Lions advantage.

Trade everyone who is talented for draft picks. Fire everyone and spend the whole year actually looking for someone who might be a good GM, Head Coach.

Usually doing this means you lose all the fans in the stadium, lots of money lost. This year, its going to happen anyway.

Its much too smart for the Lions to consider, but I’m giving away this kind of stuff for free. Here you go!

Why not just keep all of the players and watch them win just as many games as if we traded them all away? Seems more entertaining that way.

It’s an interesting angle to consider. I have thought about a couple of different things regarding fans/no fans.

  1. Will the Fords feel less pressure to fire Patricia and Quinn because there are no fans? There is no hiding boos of thousands of angry Lions fans. But, with no fans they can go home and just not turn on the media. A lot less pressure on the Fords to fire Patricia IF the stadium is empty.

  2. IF fans are permitted back… what would be more likely? Buy tickets to watch a disgraceful Matt Patricia led team? Or buy tickets to watch to see if the team rallies around new leadership. I would take option 2.

At least with no fans in the stands, they can’t boo the team or wear bags on their heads…but that gives me an idea, can someone pay for a virtual fan with a bag on their head, please please pretty please!

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Tank for Trevor, trade Matt, fire Quinntricia and let Bevell take the rest of the year. Give the new GM a couple few 1st rounders that can come in and play immediately on D at rush end and LB, keep adding CBs.


I think this is a much better plan. Football teams can turn it around pretty quickly if you have a talented core of players. Most NFL teams have a core they can build around. We just happen to have a GM that is incapable of doing it.

I am going on record as saying that the Fords bring Dumb and Dumber back regardless of the record. There are still 2 years left on their contracts after this year and they are not eating any of the contract, especially since they have never given a damn if the team wins or not.