IF this saves 1 life, it is worth the time to read my week

How the COVID19! May have saved my life!

As much as I hate this disease, I believe I owe my life to Corona awareness.
As most know I recently went through open heart surgery. My healthy lifestyle choices most likely had a lot to do with this. This Italian loves his pasta, pizza, lasagna and throw in a plate of chips and cheese on the side please. :sweat_smile:
There a a good amount of exaggeration to the above along with my annual News Years resolution goal of exercising 20+ pounds off between Jan 1 thru May 1 and I was under the assumption all was good. My blood pressure was very good, my resting heart rate was in the 50’s, my morning routine was getting up at 4:45 AM and getting on the elliptical for a good 45 minute workout. Over 1/2 my workout was at a heart rate over 164 BM.
I walk an additional 10,000 steps a day and was feeling great.


On Sat. at work I walked up 10 stairs to my office and felt tightness in my chest and shortness of breath. A heart issue never entered my mind, I have always thought pain in the chest or shoulder area are the major symptoms to heart issues.
After realizing I was experiencing some Corona signs, my mind went to both the older clientele I work with as well as some of my older Co-workers. Talking about Brad here.
I told my boss I had to go get checked out for Corona, I drove home, picked up my partner in life, Melinda, off we went. Upon arriving, they sent her home. :confused:
After going thru a long series of questions and answers they decided to do an angiogram. It was during this somewhat invasiveve procedure it was discovered 4 of my major heart arteries had to be replaced. In hindsight, OUCH!!!
I share this with the hope at one person that maybe having heart issues gets looked at before they become too serious.
When I say heart issues, I don’t mean chest/shoulder pain, I mean running short of breath on tasks that only 6 months ago seemed fairly easy. Be smart and play it safe, heart disease kills over 600,00,000 Americans each year, what MIGHT Coronavirus do?


I know I don’t know you…but I am sure you’re a stubborn fighter (as Lions fans you gotta be) and believe that better days are ahead for you and yours!

Every journey starts with the first step, in this case it was the diagnosis…so just keep putting the other foot down and your will get to where you need to be!

Be safe

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Thanks for sharing, and glad you’re still above ground man!

Glad you were diagnosed in time, and are on the road to recovery. Pretty amazing it was Covid that brought you to the hospital.
Do you get annual health exams? Family history of heart disease?

Glad you hear you made it through this health scare Checkmate. Hope you heal up quick!

I honestly thought pizza, lasagna, and pasta were the lubricant that kept an Italian heart operating at peak performance.

Just be thankful Checkmate that I’m am not your doctor.

Glad to hear they found the issues. That was the most important step.

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Doing my angio and treadmill next month. Calcium scan score came back not in range, expected by me, as I have a bro at age 46, four years ago have triple bypass.

All my lipid panel numbers are fantastic and the PCP and Cardiologist think it’s low risk, even though I’m overweight and I did have some really funky chest weirdness and some blood pressure spikes this last month, first time ever. No shortness of breath though.

On Keto, supps, statin and blood pressure meds, trying to keep on top of it. Gonna get it figured out, as I thought it was maybe COVID, but more likely to be something else besides either of the above.

You just made me tell my wife I need to get checked

Thanks for posting this


Godspeed, checkmate. It’ll be four years ago next month that I had the dreaded heart attack. Left anterior descending artery was 90+% blocked, a second artery was approximately 70% blocked, two others about 40% or so. By pass surgery was considered, but after consultation with my cardiologist we decided on a stent in the LAD, and would treat conditions in the others through medication, diet, and lifestyle improvements. So far so good…four miles of cardio, four to five days a week, mostly a Mediterranean diet, cholesterol and BP meds. Have done well with this regimen, in fact, we recently cut my cholesterol medication in half as my LDL was actually too low. My prayers are with you, brother. I hate welcoming people to the heart disease club, but here we are. I’m glad that you were caught in time, cause many of us simply aren’t, and that is sad.

Peace out.


All you guys make me dread what my life in 15-20 years is going to look like…being the Italian man that I am. My grandfather had a quad bypass in his early 50s, but I always told myself it was his steady diet of meat and potatoes that did him in. I’ll hold out hope that medical advancements will be able to spot and clear these things up much better before I get there… I’m 34 this year.

I was 59 years old, otherwise healthy, have been all of my life, active, but I never took my high triglyceride count seriously when I was just about your age. If I had changed my diet and lifestyle at your age, I may have been able to avoid the inevitable. There’s a lesson to be had there.

Now that’s scary shit… Glad it was caught now!