If we can't trade-down, do we take BPA or whoever fits our D best?

Let’s just assume Burrow goes #1, Chase goes #2. If we can’t get a good trade-down offer, do we take the Best Player Available (no matter position within reason) or do we just take the best defender we can for our defense (even if it’s a bit of a reach)?

Who is the BPA and who is the best defender that fits our defense the best?

BPA would be Odukah, Brown or one of the OTs. Both of those guys fit our scheme.

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Brown, Okudah, or Epenesa. I honestly believe Epenesa is the ideal fit for an end in this defense. Big, can contain the edge and also collapse the pocket.


I hope we trade down. I don’t think anyone is worth the number 3 pick besides, young, and Burrow. They won’t be there, so let’s hope LAC want to trade up.

Yep and if u can take Hock at 8, you can take Epenesa at 3. He fits like a glove and probably fills top need. He’s a top 10 player maybe even top 5. So u can’t trade down u just take him a couple spots to soon. But u get your guy.

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A lot of you won’t like this at all, but it wouldn’t shock me if they took Jeudy.

Not my first choice, but that dude is truly a clearly superior athlete.

Also, don’t be surprised if another team takes him higher than we anticipate.

This is going strictly from BPA philosophy. If they view others as equal-but-different (different position), then yeah…go for the guy that fits your team need.

Tons of scenarios for this year, and it’s going to be super-interesting.


If we can’t trade down, etch it in stone that the pick is Okudah or Brown.

Quinn types of picks. Safe and high-floor.

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I’m in!

Agree Espenesa would be a good fit in this defense, but not sure he is much of an upgrade over what we already have. I only scouted his Minnesota film but he was invisible the whole first half.

Most scouts agree it takes 3 games minimum for an adequate sample size.

I recommend checking out his 3 biggest games of the season (bowl game, rivalry games, highest ranked opponents, etc)

I’d take Okudah in that situation. I think he’s the guy most likely to be elite at his position.

I get the number three at CB seems a bit high.

I have little concern of their being no trade down offers though. It will happen IMO. Just too many needy teams in the top 10.

1 Chase Young Ohio St. Jr EDGE 1 6-5 265
2 Joe Burrow LSU Sr QB 1 6-4 216
3 Jeff Okudah Ohio St. Jr CB 1 6-1 200
4 Tua Tagovailoa Alabama Jr QB 2 6-1 218
5 Derrick Brown Auburn Sr DL 1 6-5 318
6 Isaiah Simmons Clemson Jr S 1 6-4 230
7 CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma Jr WR 1 6-2 189
8 Jedrick Wills Jr. Alabama Jr OL 1 6-5 320
9 Andrew Thomas Georgia Jr OL 2 6-5 320
10 Jerry Jeudy Alabama Jr WR 2 6-1 192
11 A.J. Epenesa Iowa Jr EDGE 2 6-6 280


Chase Young EDGE Ohio State Junior 6’5" 265 lbs Big Ten - East

Joe Burrow QB LSU RS Senior 6’4" 216 lbs SEC - West

Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama Junior 6’1" 219 lbs SEC - West

Derrick Brown IDL Auburn Senior 6’5" 318 lbs SEC - West

Jeffrey Okudah CB Ohio State Junior 6’1" 200 lbs Big Ten - East

Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama Junior 6’1" 192 lbs SEC - West

Jedrick Wills OT Alabama Junior 6’5" 320 lbs SEC - West

Isaiah Simmons LB Clemson RS Junior 6’4" 230 lbs Atlantic Coast - Atlantic

CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma Junior 6’2" 189 lbs Big 12

Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa Junior 6’5" 322 lbs Big Ten - West

A.J. Epenesa EDGE Iowa Junior 6’6" 280 lbs Big Ten - West

Andrew Thomas OT Georgia Junior 6’5" 320 lbs SEC - East

I guess it just depends who is the BPA according to your board.

Team has lots of needs on defense. So I do not want a WR. With that said, I would not be upset with an elite WR like Jeudy. Guy is an amazing route runner. Lots of separation. We definitely lack that at WR

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What if… Cincinnati blows the doors off this whole thing and takes Young @ #1? :thinking: We’d be in even better position for a TD, that’s for sure.

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Then we take Burrow and trade Stafford! :scream:

AJ look hiiiiigh, high, high.

Willis looks like Groot.

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Okudah checks both boxes.

Naw. Just because you boned the 8OA pick handing away value, doesn’t mean you have to double down and do it again with an even better resource in the 3OA. Epenesa is not even a blue chip player which you should be getting in the top 5-10. Okudah then Brown are the only two I’d consider at 3 if Young is gone and both are still slight reaches IMO. Both of those guys would be the top pick at their position in most drafts. Espenesa isn’t the top pick at his position in any draft IMHO. Just too raw and less athletic than the raw Ziggy we took at 5. FA can help us, no need to force it, especially at 3. But a TD will be able to be had and then you still go Okudah or Brown as one will be left especially if you get Miami’s 5.

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