IF we only had a defense -worst I've seen it!

Our defense looked like a bunch of Girl Scouts against the Raiders, they were beyond pathetic lay this at the feet of our Leaders !

Against the Raiders? Pretty much from the 2nd half of week 1 and on.

I have been pretty patient with Patricia, and thought he was an ok coach who deserved more time. But I am ready to move on. All of his post game locker room speeches, post and pre game pressers are just on a repeat.

He could possibly save face by moving on from his ancient DC. Midseason is good with me, can’t really get any worse

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I am very annoyed that we can’t put a better D on the field

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I’m still trying to figure out what we gave Flowers all that money for. The Defense is worse this year and the pass rush is non existent.


Flowers and Patricia left New England and their defense got better in everyway


That’s what’s really sad about it.

Flowers is actually on track for 8 sacks and 4 forced fumbles which falls in line with his NE numbers. Not sure that he’s been quite as disruptive otherwise and he’s certainly not worth the 90m we paid him but we probably have to take what we can get as far as top free agents go.

I think we lack team speed in the back 7 and we simply don’t communicate very well in defense. The latter is the biggest problem IMO. The crossing route fiasco in the Vikings game being the most prominent example of that.

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And ours got worse. Pretty telling

Something tells me Tribisky is about to have the game of the season.

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I mean look at what he did last year.

Bottom 3 in over 15 categories

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Stop insulting Girl Scouts!

I give him the benefit of doubt because of all the injuries but this defense has to step up at some point this season and go on a tear (like last season). If they fail to finish strong than something has to change. There’s too much talent on defense to be this bad.

My biggest concern is that we don’t seem to be making changes to get it on track. Well except trading Diggs away for nothing.


I think there’s some truth to this. Quinn was the leader of our secondary and no one has seemed to step up. To be honest I’m not that impressed with our safety play and our DL play.

Was Tavai playing tag all game? He doesn’t play it well because he could never catch his nemesis.

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I feel like after Suh left, we had a talent drain on defense. Teryl Austin was put in a tight spot, but did what he had to do to keep us competitive and give Matt a chance to win games. I feel like our current coaches are doing less with more talent than Austin had to work with post Suh (2015, 2016, 2017).

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