If we win today

If Giants lose, we pick 3.

Another reason to root against Dallas. That works for me.

If we win don’t we still need the Giants to win for #3?

Yes, we still need Giants and Washington win. If we lose, I think we have No. 3 locked up.

If Lions win, Washington game does not matter. They will be drafting ahead of Detroit.

We hold the tiebreaker over the 4 win Giants, so if we beat GB here and they lose to the Eagles this afternoon we pick 4th, depending on what the Skins do.

If GB wins, the Giants can’t leapfrog us. We pick 3rd, unless the Skins beat the Cowboys (i.e., Dallas doesn’t flip that switch that makes them unbeatable) then we pick 2nd.

OK, entertaining loss lol, liked the gutsy play… but good to see the tank complete.

Go Skins so we can pick 2nd!

Great outcome! Played hard but still lost. One more to go! Go Skins!