If you’ve been here for more than 6 months

What are your thoughts?.. come on, let us know… seems like this board probably has changed a LOT in the last 3 months. Seems like some forums (I don’t wanna drop their names) … well, I’d like to know your thoughts. I’m sure this board has changed dramatically! Let us know…

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I miss VLG.


This is the old Den, minus a few of the old regulars.
Dark mode is very eye friendly.


would have been cool if Shelion could have made it here! RIP!!


The way the new technology updates immediately it’s almost like having the old game date chat rooms, which is pretty awesome

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Love the forum!

I was here early on but not a frequent visitor because it was a bit slow… The wave that came over prior to the season is a positive in my opinion. Yea sure some like to grind some gears here or there but people just gotta let the small shit go and not be offended by the interwebs and is users.

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Enjoying it quite a bit. Found myself naturally becoming more involved which means the forum is doing exactly the right thing. Great job Nate and crew!!!


Can’t really bitch about anything.

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I never thought I’d like the place myself, it looked really bizarre at first, being here a while now it’s better than I thought though.

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The real time updating was already mentioned but its so dang awesome. Another thing I like is that when you start posting something that’s already been discussed, especially if its the same link, it will tell you to the right of the post.

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A down “heart” button would be nice…

I consider it to be the same crowd, so there’s no real difference there. I first posted here expressing appreciation for even basic features like quoting. Still appreciate the ease in posting.

Yeah, some posts deserve a downvote but some people got so fricking butt-hurt about it and it just creates negativity, instead people have to tell that person their post sucked, not sure that’s much better though. LOL

This site was a bit awkward at first but now that I’m used to it, I can see that it’s kind-of built with the latest and greatest technology.

Nate did a good job here.

Why is Rickoshea asking though? Is he a mod?

Just noticed that the mods have a shield after their name when they post. Uppity snobs…

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Yeah…and they get free creams and lotions.
Not to mention, they get the closest parking spots, even closer than the handicap ones, figure that.

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From the site index:

Our Moderators


Weaselpuppy Peacekeeping Varmint

Adrian AJ Alexander



Resident Canadian Mod

REMRebound Jason

I havent been as long as most, but i like this forum. I find myself commenting more than other sites. Very friendly atmosphere here.