If you were the Bengals

What would you do with the #1 overall pick?

Do you draft Burrow?
Try to trade-out of that pick?..and if you do who has the ammo and is willing to trade for it?
Draft Chase Young?

I’d consult a Ouija board.


I will not pick 1 st rd guys , those guys will question the system .I will trade down and pick players from 2 Nd rd and for future 2 Nd rounders

Thanks for the input, Iggy!

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I’d draft Burrow.

I want bengals to pull a baker mayfield and draft herb , no value for them , but good for us


What would Iggy say?

When you’re terrible and end up drafting #1 overall, you find your guy (probably Burrow, now that Tua had his injury), and move on.

Trading down from #1 would require at least (2) #1s and a #2 if I’m the GM.

Only knock on drafting a QB is no transition for the rookie… Andy is gone imho so do you roll the dice on the “shove the newbie into the starting role and hope he handles it” or try to grab a willing FA QB who will come in in a one yr deal and help the kids transition…?

I feel for him if he is expected to go game 1…

Take Burrow and don’t look back!

Pick up a free agent vet QB and draft a QB. Maybe get Ryan Tannehill, Teddy Bridgewater, or Case Keenum.

True genius at work. your elegance with the English language and use of a keyboard are poetic.

SEE what I mean. Poetic. has anyone watched somebody pull a Baker Mayfield? Now if he would have said Johnny Manziel it would have been “Clevelandesque.”

Great Question:

I’d be leery drafting Burrows to be honest. Doesn’t sound like he wants to go to Cincy.

If Miami was willing to put together a massive trade package then I would listen.

I think I would try to accumulate ammo to take my shot at Lawrence next year.

No way Cincy can leave the top 3 picks , they could sell to the fans that Herbert or Tua were the guy they were targeting , if Miami moves to the #2 spot and they could get future #1’s to move down with Miami #2 or Trade with Miami and move back up to #3 with the LIons …Really any scenario that gets them one of the three I think they could sell it …According to McShay GM’s believe Tua is the best of the bunch , some GM’s told Mc Shay Herbert is the best of the Bunch …I would not be shocked if some coveted Eason or Love over the others …They need the future though a beginning they cant sit and wait for next year.