If young is there at 3 we take him who is your day 2 corner?

I like the corner from clemson

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The Auburn guy, not going to try and spell his name.

Logan Ryan

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Yep and draft Jonathan Taylor.


This. Logan Ryan would be nice

Yes sign Logan Ryan and then draft another suckeye (yuck) Dobbins. He’s the rb I most want

Logan Ryan on the outside though ? Hew was used extensively in NE as the slot guy . Coleman on the outside is not a strength … The fit should be ideal at the $10 Million he wants and adding him here puts that in question

That would work for me

Yep and draft Jonathan Taylor.

Noah Igbinoghene I would look for him top rd 2

You know, the last several days, I have been advocating for bringing in Logan. Before doing so, a lot of research (reading not watching) I learned Logan was a outside corner the last 3 years. (which furthered my advocacy on bringing him in)

Now with saying that, I have been watching some full games of Titans on YouTube. (skipping offensive play) and it appears that the Titans used him from what I seen, between the outside corner, and in the slot, it really is about a 50-50 split. Now, I can’t find any stats of his that separate the 2 by positions.

I know we don’t need another slot back. Is there any of our posters that can find these stats that separate the #s by position?

This would be a big help for this board to better gauge if we need or don’t need him.

Any help with this I am sure would be appreciated by many.


Also true. He may be able to transition outside though. My general gist is taken RB in Rd 2, really

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His slot play in NE in 2016 which is what earned him his deal in 2017 with Tennessee was the predominate Slot Guy role, he logged 309 snaps from the slot with Patricia in 2016
With the Titans he was nearly 60% of his total snaps in both 2018 & 2019 …

I would think an outside guy ( I like Amukumara ) would fit a bigger need … and be cheaper

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I messed up on original post if we draft young AND HAVENT OR COULDENT SIGN a veteran we had to draft a cb who would it be? Bit if we had to sign a Veteran i am with newyork give me amukumara

Double dip at osu and get arnette

Also RB Michael Warren II is a very interesting back in the 4th/5th rounds.