I'm hoping we can get JK Dobbins @ RB

The man can flat get it done.

Works for me. Round 2 of course

Taking a RB in the first 2 rounds is a terrible investment and has been proven repeatedly.

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I have concerns about how good a pro he will be, but I wouldn’t be adverse to taking him in the 2nd. He doesn’t really play in a downhill system, a bunch of zone reads and draws, he pops through a hole and is gone because the defense is so spread out. Not saying he can’t or won’t be a great pro, but how much of his success is due to the system being tailored to his strengths, and will that make him more of a role player in the NFL as opposed to an every down RB?

Lions have a history of making every 2nd round pick a terrible investment, so nothing new.


He’s my favorite back but I think he’ll go in the 1st and even if he doesn’t, I wouldn’t take him in the 2nd. I really like Ke’Shawn Vaughn, he’s Dobbins-esque and we can probably nab him in the 4th.

I think he can be a workhorse. That is something we haven’t had in a back since I can’t remember when. Solid and compact. You don’t make Ohio State’s roster without talent. He has vision, enough speed and can break tackles. If we could get an extra 2nd he makes a lot of sense. He is not a bad pass catcher and averages about 10 yards per catch. The only question I have is how is he in pass protection? That is extremely important at the next level.

I wouldn’t mind him in round 2 but have to see who else is available at our pick and what we did in free agency.

That Darius Slay sure was a terrible pick… :laughing:

I will 2nd everything you just said, Dobbins in the 2nd or Vaughn in the 4th.

If we are able to make a trade and add an additional pick in the 2nd round, I would be on board with using the lower of them on Dobbins. Otherwise, I want defense in the first 2 rounds.

I don’t think Vaughn is near the game breaker that Dobbins is, but damn does he run hard.

I really like the Raymond Calais kid from LA Lafayette as a UDFA type. Of course I’m just going off of highlights. Don’t watch much (or any really) of the Rajun Cajuns.

If we’re going with a RBBC we need a speed guy (unless folks’ think Ty Johnson can be that guys.)

this is my EARLY draft pick for a RB with Dobbins , that said I am not opposed to getting a vet via free agency “depending” on production, age, and OA health.

Le’veon Bell is available…

Raheem Mostert. Here’s a guy that was cut by 6 teams, was a UDFA if I’m not mistaken, and look what he did against GB. Proof positive that you don’t need to get draft a top RB in the 1st or 2nd day, what you need is a good run-blocking team with a good OC that is committed to the run. I do think Bevell is committed to the run, but we sure as hell don’t have a good run-blocking team. So, you can bring in Dobbins or whoever, but he ain’t going to be as good until the Lions finally become good as a team at run-blocking.


what about billy sim’s and barry sanders ?wern’t they first rounder picked by the lions ?

Its 2020 my friend. RBs do not matter.

Wise, we absolutely do need to improve in run-blocking. That shows up on rewind. But, we also need our RBs to make better decisions in their runs. That also showed up on rewind.


Every time I read or hear “20/20” …

I want to go grab some Maddog!! :crazy_face:


Yet you offer nothing to back this take up , you say it repeatedly with no legs to stand on .

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I’m quite sure San Francisco & Tennessee would disagree with this statement, Oz