I'm not even mad

I’ve been a fan a long time. Now my first days of delving into hardcore fandom began in 1990 or so. I watched as a kid before that and remember billy sims and tried to emulate him in the neighborhood pick up games as a kid. But, I truly started really feeling the devotion when I saw Barry. He brought me such joy. The team? Not so much. Well, Perriman, Morton and Moore got me excited as did Spielman, Porcher and Bennie Blades and a few others on D. Crockett maybe? But he excelled after his time here. Anyways, I think I am desensitized. Lionized? I have now been programmed to look forward to the draft and get excited and never ( atleast since the early 10s) expect post season play. Why do I spin my tires? Why do I keep coming back? I really dont know anymore. I almost expect them to choke year in and year out. However, I still ridiculously follow this team with my hope’s always thinking we are going to one day draft that " MJ". We’ve had our share of hall of famers …yet they have never been a QB or that defensive game changer who could bring the defense up to his level as MJ did for his " average" supporting cast minus Pippen of course. I just dont know anymore how to feel about being a fan of this state’s teams. Wings suck, Pistons suck, Tigers suck ( but finally have some farm hands worth a bit of hoping ", Wolverines…ugh, Spartans…( Where they belong cuz screw them that’s why) . I dont know there’s a real tangible point here other than to ask the question: Why do we keep and sustain a loyalty to such a broken product?

And Whitaker got royally screwed again today

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Ray Crockett was pretty good here!

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Yeah I guess that he was good here but it just seems like he did more after he left. But, that’s probably just because of the Broncos and the notoriety that they had with those 90s teams.

more bummed about Whitaker than the Lions losing.
Nothin new about the Leos but Whitaker should be in there with Trammel