*** Important Virus Update - Please Read ASAP ***

Hey I want to let my Den mates know this.

I have been informed that Trump is working on shutting the entire country down for two entire weeks.

One of my clients in Atlanta told me that the CDC has advised Trump to shut everything down for two weeks. His wife works for the CDC headquarters in Atlanta. Trump is expected to make an announcement with in the next 24 hours.

If Trump tells everyone to shut down as expected that means you have 24 hours to get two weeks worth of supplies. Good Luck!


Well I’m good on supplies. More worried about people not getting a pay check.

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I made some phone calls to in-laws in Atlanta (Who have family connections to the CDC too) and was able to confirm that they had heard this as well.

Everyone is expecting Trump to make an announcement within 24hrs.

So this rumor has serious legs but I want to let you know that it’s hearsay too. So take it for what it’s worth.

I wanted to let everyone know to fill their gas tanks, get medical and food supplies.

It’s unknown if Trump will leave fuel, food and medical supplies open but it is believe he will in some limited form. But it is also possible he could just shut it all down and tell everyone to stay home. (Which is what I’m told he was advised to do)

I do know that some hospitals are also shutting down surgeries that are not life threatening.

No freedom fries for you!

Seriously… If they do 2 weeks then they better handsomely compensate small businesses! And if 2 weeks doesn’t clear things up then things better go back to normal and let it run its course.

I’m blessed that even while schools are shutting down we are able to continue to “teach” virtually and continue to get paid as well. I know there are several people who aren’t as lucky. This entire situation is scary and I hope that we are able to find a way through it.

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We will this America.

No hospitals will be shutting down. I guarantee that. Elective surgery will definitely be on hold.

ERs are starting to segretate those with respiratory issues from trauma and other emergencies.


I just got shut down up in Canada by my dental college. We can only see emergencies until at least first week of April so it effectively gives me a 5 hour work week. At least I got more time to pass out here with you characters. Stay safe fellas.

Wow. Gonna force me to play the dam game! This is why I live in the middle of no freaking where. The masses. Imagine if the freaking electric grind went down for two weeks?

With that said, thanks for the heads up, brother…

My work just got shut down by OLG today. Tough times for everyone.

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If you’ve been grocery shopping the last 4 days, you’d notice that people are already stocking up. Sam’s club, Walmart, Meijer, Kroger…few meats remain. Never seen so many empty shelves. I have at least 3 weeks of proteins in the freezer but will probably look to add a little more variety.

Thanks for the info Air but I just can’t see this country going through a full scale shutdown. It would be an economic and logistical nightmare.

For me personally, my firm is closing down for 2 weeks but some of us are still in today to tidy some things up. Luckily for us, we’re getting paid office closure pay as opposed to having to exhaust our vacation time but if this goes beyond 2 weeks (very possible), who knows what will happen? Scary times for all of us.

My thoughts as well.

Truth is Trumps is in a hard spot here.

If this is true and the CDC recommends a shut down and he follows suit then he will be blamed for economic hardships. If he decides to not follow the warnings and only partially shut down then he will be blamed for more outbreaks and even deaths.

But here today the Governor starts shutting down restaurants and bars.

Yeah man. With any luck it’ll only be a few weeks but it doesn’t look great.

I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows me to telework , and being a food manufacturing company, we can’t sell it fast enough. My side gig as a musician, however, is at a standstill.

Thoughts go out to full-time musicians and bar/restaurant workers… gonna be a rough ride for them


This has been a great week for my 18 month old Samsung freezer to break (under warranty) and spoil all my food, let me tell you guys. Not being able to have a freezer worth of food sucks.

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Dammit Trump!

Sorry, couldn’t resist… :crazy_face:


The good thing about Samsung is their 5 year warranty. Of course, when you’ve had to use it you never want to buy Samsung again.