In case y'all forgot, Aaron Rogers is-


CMU, Packers, Bears, Cowboys, OSU, USC, ND, East Grand Rapids, Murderers, People that put ketchup on steak, rhubarb, Raiders, rapists, college entrance cheaters, Communists, Martin Lawrence, Steven A Smith, Drew Sharpe, Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, France, Highlander 2, Timothy Dalton James Bond, Jim Cramer, Seinfeld, and Pokemon.

In that order.


I have issue with an item on this list. France makes some great breads, great wines and really good cheese. And their beaches are topless. They also came to our aid in the revolutionary war.

For that, they don’t deserve to be on the sh-t list.

Especially, the Vichy French!

My grandmothers maiden name was LaCount.

I was going to argue with weezy on France, but surrendered to the idea.


Righteous. Though you are being a little harsh on Jerry. Maybe keep him off the list but give him a dishonorable mention.

I have factored all of that in, especially the 1775 to 1814 period; Rev War training and naval blockades/actions, help w the Barbary pirates, keeping England occcupied and Louisiana Purchase.

That keeps them from being ahead of the Bears…


Actually, the topless beaches would be enough for me. We don’t have those up here. Only one week out of the year we can really swim without ice floes.
But you don’t need a cooler if there is a river or a lake nearby.

On this day in 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte met his final defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, in Belgium. Napoleon and Michel Ney led the French army of around 69,000 troops against the Duke of Wellington and about 67,000 multinational — British, Dutch, Belgian, and German — troops, with the added forces of Gebhard von Blücher’s 48,000-strong Prussian army, which arrived near the end of the day. Napoleon had surrendered the previous year, and was exiled to the Island of Elba off the coast of Italy; he escaped in March 1815 and regained control of his empire, and the allied forces reassembled to depose him once again.

It had rained heavily on the night of June 17, so Napoleon delayed the start of the battle from early morning until midday, to give the ground time to dry out. That delay gave the Prussian army time to meet up with Wellington’s forces, and cost the French the battle.

I like the French, but I don’t care much for the Parisian French. I stay outside Paris in Chartres, easy train ride to town and there is less and less that I want to see when I go. The people in the country used to be very appreciative of the Americans, now they consider most of us an annoyance because we are, If you refrain from telling them that you have a vintage WWII French rifle that has never been fired and only dropped once, you can usually get along.

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Not entirely true my wife still goes swimming in little bay de noc. And she’s a tooth pick. Might be because she’s from Russia, but who knows. I won’t go out there though way too often they dump the sewage right off shore

That little Pond is never as cold as Lake Superior.

I was very proud of myself for lasting 10 minutes in Superior. At least it felt like 10 minutes. Holy balls, that lake is something else.


I was in Munising Labor Day weekend of 13. The lake was actually pretty nice. We swam and played in it for a couple hours. That’s the only time I’ve seen it tolerable.

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I wade looking for agates, I did that on the canadian side when the water temperature was 40 degrees. This was by Thunder Bay. The water actually hurt. The water warms through August, actually at its warmest near labor day. I swam in it for about 25 minutes near Agawa Rock. My wife and kids were there longer. Now I just wade and look for agates. I only wade to my thighs bur that’s waist high for her.

Every time I go to the Keweenaw, I head out to Bete Gries and go swimming. Done it a lot, some days are colder than others, but for the most part not bad. I am heading up there in 3 weeks, and with it not being very warm so far this spring, it might be a little colder this time around.

I’ll be near crisp point lighthouse and Whitefish bay for the next 17 days or so then back by Keewenaw/Baraga

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As a kid I would swim in there for hours. Sometimes we would sand dam up one of the ice cold springs coming down across the beach and sit in that for a few minutes to make Superior seem warm by comparison

Also after a long day of perch fishing there’s nothing like taking a dip to cleanse away the sweat and grime and ease the horsefly bite welts

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Well, you shit on the beer scene in California…so your credibility is all but worthless at this point. LOL

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