Interesting theories on what the Dolphins may do

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I sure hope we don’t get stuck at 3

I have a feeling we’re going to get stuck at 3 and take Okudah…ugh! Hoping for some kind of a trade down.


I never trust much of what I hear this close to the draft.

The fact the smoke is coming down against Tua suggests to me an attempt to de-value the #3 pick. Which is good for us, because that means its very valuable.

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I agree if Tua is there I think we get (at least) 5, 26 and 70.

I firmly believe the Dolphins have been in love with Tua for a long time.

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I think we get either:

No. 5, No. 39. and a swap of No. 85 for No. 70

No. 6, No. 37, and a swap of No. 85 for No. 71

Please God…let this be true.

I’d rather have 5, 26 & 70 than Chase, for sure. I know that’s not going to be popular.

That’d get it done for me too. Just get out of 3. If we get stuck there, I’m okay with Young, but don’t seen anything else as even debatably good as a stack of guys.

We’ll get more than that IMO

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This is closer to what is likely
Tua is not going demand the “sick” haul

To me question #1 for the Dolphins is this:
Is Josh Rosen your starter for the next ten years? If so…turn your picks into starters and solid depth plauers.

If not…you better get your guy as you will not have a better chance to get your guy. If it is Tua OR Herbert get him NOW and use as little capital as possible to secure your future.

As the Lions sit two spots up…offer more than others can offer but nothing more than that. I believe a trade can happen principally involving the Dolphins #18 pick and I don’t beliebe they think Josh Rosen is their future.

If the Dolphins draft Herbert over Tua, their fan base is gonna revolt. They’ve been hyped about Tua for over a year now and they seem to universally hate Herbert. I know it won’t affect the decision-making process of Flores or Grier, but what about owner Stephen Ross? He’s been a meddler before, and the closer we get to the draft the louder the cries for Tua will become. The draft will have the attention of the entire sporting world, it wouldn’t shock me if he caved to pressure.

Can we declare that we won our Super Bowl if we do get a nice trade down in round 1? I’m talking parade and the SB merch, all of it. Wake me up if I’m dreaming…

If the Dolphins were smart they wouldn’t fall in love with either Herbert or Tua, and will let the draft fall to them. I hope as much as any of you that we get a haul for 3OA, but I don’t think its happening. Getting prepared to not be disappointed with Okudah at 3.

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I don’t believe the Dolphins think Rosen is their future either.

But I also don’t think there is any reason for them to panic and throw away picks when it is an almost certainty that Tua and/or Herbert will be there at #5 for them. (Quite possibly both)

Are they scared of the Chargers jumping up? Maybe, but if the Chargers do jump, then they still get whoever is left over of Tua and Herbert.

Are they scared of the Jaguars or Raiders jumping up? Maybe, but again, even if one of those teams does jump up, they are still sitting there at #5 and can pick whoever is left over between Tua and Herbert.

Only 2 things should make them trade away a premium draft pick to move up to #3. They are really set on Tua over Herbert …or…they are really scared that 2 teams are going to jump in front of them and take both Tua and Herbert (do you really see that as likely)?

And if they do rate Tua over Herbert, do they rate him 2 first round picks better than Herbert, while also considering the injury history of Tua.

But let’s say that Tua is really the guy they want, and want to do what’s necessary to ensure they get him. What do they need to throw our way to over bid any other potential bidders.

Let’s focus on the first 2 rounds of picks. Beyond that is, in my opinion, throw in picks that any of the teams could do.

You say #5 and #18

The best the Chargers could do is #6 and #37

The best the Jaguars could do is #9 and #20

The best the Raiders could do is #12 and #19

But here’s what the value chart says:

Dolphins 5 & 18 (2600)

Dolphins 5 & 26 (2400)

Dolphins 5 & 39 (2210)

Jaguars 9 – 20 (2200)

Chargers 6 – 37 (2130)

Raiders 12 -19 (2075)

So the Dolphins #5 and #39 seems to outbid anything the Chargers, Jaguars, or Raiders could come up with, without digging deeper into other throw in picks.

If I was the Dolphins, I would start with that 5 and 39. And if it got really desperate, only go to 5 and 26.

If Quinn refused that, then F’ him, I take my chances.

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Been saying this all along. About the only modification to Nos 5 & 39 is maybe a swap of No. 70 & 85 to sweeten the pot a bit.

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The Phins have surplus draft capital and have gone through a thorough evaluation of all the (non-Burrow) QBs.

There is NO EXCUSE to miss out on whatever player they’ve identified as the future face of the franchise.

For Miami, the only option is to move up, get their guy, and be the highest bidder for the 2nd QB off the board.

The cost they pay will depend on what other teams are willing to offer.

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I think Washington and New York are in the best trade down positions. If someone is in LOVE with a QB, the best move is to get to #2. If they don’t want to give up enough to move to #2 then #4 is the next logical place to move up to.

Miami really has no reason to move up to 3.

I’m pretty damn sure that the Dolphins covet Tua. I’m just not sure what they’re doctors think