Interview with our new LB - Jamie Collins

A guy that actually likes MP so he’s a unicorn apparently. Plus he’s looking for a challenge and has like 7 former teammates/friends on the team already.

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Yep MP haters will think he is just talking up Marty P. He is not being honest in his assessment of MP.

Why is it that when you legitimately criticize someone for something you are a “hater”. When you use that word to describe people my first question is, “Name something that Matt Patricia has done wrong.” You’re up OklaLionsfan.


Seems like player opinions on MP directly correlate to the amount of money we have paid them…

Or… every single person in the world develops their own opinions based on their own experiences. Therefore, making millions of different opinions on any and all subjects.
I’m not a Matty supporter, but we’ve heard plenty of players talk about how much they like him. Of course the reporting of that doesn’t last near as long as the opposite.