Is claiming you're the best player in the draft a red flag?

I prefer the humble Barry Sanders approach than the full of your self attitude.

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Only if he thinks the work is done. Knowing you’re better than anyone else on the field is half the battle. I knew it. Walking out there with that mindset is a blessing. Putting your face on another player’s chin and driving that player back is the best feeling in football. This guy has the physical gifts to do that. Playing against elite players and establishing that you are better is a driving force. The will to dominate in football is important. It fuels your desire to improve. I’ve seen it in this guy. He played with the Bosa’s. He competed with the best in the NFL. This guy is special.


Those types of humble guys then get crucified for “not being a good leader” bc they don’t speak out. People are never happy


Some think they have to say that so they do. They have to project confidence in their game so they default to “yeah, I’m the best”. Plus, if they say they’re “one of the best” they’ll get roped into a conversation about who’s as good as they are. Saying “I am the best here” keeps the conversation on himself.

He is the best player in the draft. We know, the media knows it, I’m glad he knows it.

There’s a handful of players saying the same thing.

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Personally I love the confidence! I have no issue with it whatsoever

So, the guy is going to get castigated for repeating what everyone else has been saying for 6 months.

Not an issue. Just words. Actions speak loader.

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By the way, I really like the way Jalen Hurts answered the question “where do you rank yourself among the QBs in this year’s draft class?”…

“I think I’m one of a kind.”


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If you make that claim, you have to prove it correct.

While it is Ebronesq, in his case, he has a point.

People look at him and think Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, Patrick Majomes. He’ll go in the scond, maybe even the late first.

While I prefer a quiet destroyer, I would sprint to the podium if he is there.

Not when it’s true.

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To compete at the professional level in the NFL you have to believe you are the best even if it’s not true.

I don’t see how this bothers anyone.

Can’t fault him for knowing the correct answer.