Is it officially time to worry about Okudah?

Game 10, pulled in prevent defense/2 minute drill.

I know the NFL is an adjustment, but this guy was a Full On Stud in college. Seemed to be a perfect fit for this defense…

and he is not trusted by the staff over UDFA Mike Ford as CB4 in the 2 minute drill.

Yes, he has a long time to get it together, contract wise and realistically.

But who here Really Truly thought he would struggle This Badly?

Be Honest. Plenty of us didn’t like the pick value…but he was a clear #1 at his position for a lot of reasons.


Bah, something the next regime has to worry about…

I’m not ready to stop being a fan, or die…so I’m part of the next regime…at least in my normal catcalling, snarky witticism kind of way.


I’m still pissed that we didn’t force something by taking a QB. At least we’d have something in the back pocket. But with the current save-your-ass mentality, Okudah made sense.

Just another layer of poop I can put in my Lion historical records.

Here’s a quick look at all the top-five corners from the last 25 years…and of course the Lions took the worst of the bunch in Westbrook, can they go 0-2?

2018: Denzel Ward, Ohio State, fourth overall (Browns): Started 12 of the 13 games he played in as a rookie and was voted to the Pro Bowl. In 2019, he started all 12 games he played in and allowed a passer rating of just 58.0 on balls thrown his way, which was top 10 among full-time corners.

2016: Jalen Ramsey, Florida State, fifth overall (Jaguars): Was inserted into the starting lineup immediately and has been one of the best cover men in the game ever since. Was named to the all-rookie team during a standout first season, has made every Pro Bowl since and was a first-team All-Pro in 2017.

2011: Patrick Peterson, LSU, fifth overall (Cardinals): The man entered the league eight seasons ago, and still hasn’t missed a Pro Bowl. Heck, he didn’t miss so much as a single game until last season. He was first-team All-Pro as a rookie in 2011, then again in 2013 and 2015. He was also named to the NFL’s all-2010s team. Simply put, he’s one of the best corners of his generation.

2003: Terence Newman, Kansas State, fifth overall (Cowboys): Wasn’t as elite as some of the other top-five cornerbacks, making two Pro Bowls in 15 years and no All-Pro teams, although he was a good player for a very long time. And he was good immediately, defending 17 passes – just one off his career high – and picking off four in 16 starts as a rookie. He did not miss a game until Year 5.

2002: Quentin Jammer, Texas, fifth overall (Chargers): No All-Pros, no Pro Bowls, but 21 interceptions and 129 pass breakups in 12 years. Not a bad career for Quandre Diggs’ big brother.

1998: Charles Woodson, Michigan, fourth overall (Raiders): Started every game as a rookie and made the Pro Bowl, his first of nine. Was named All-Pro the following year, the first of eight nods to either the first or second team. Picked off 65 passes, broke up 139 overall and made 1,003 tackles. Played long enough with the Raiders (team record for forced fumbles and passes defended) and Packers (team record for defensive touchdowns) to set career marks for both franchises. And he set the all-time NFL record for defensive touchdowns (13). Then again, if you’re from Michigan, I don’t have to tell you any of this. Woodson was one of the greatest college players ever, and then he became one of the greatest pros ever during a remarkably consistent 18-year career.

1997: Shawn Springs, Ohio State, third overall (Seahawks): Started all but four games in his first four seasons. Made the Pro Bowl in Year 2, when he picked off seven passes, and was named second-team All-Pro in Year 8. Picked off 33 passes and defended 70 overall in a 13-year career.

1997: Bryant Westbrook, Texas, fifth overall (Lions): Eight cornerbacks have been taken with a top-five pick in the last 25 years. Figures that it would be the Lions who took the worst of them all. Westbrook looked promising early, getting named to the all-rookie team in Year 1 and leading the NFL in interceptions in Year 4. But then he tore his Achilles tendon, was never quite the same and was out of the league by age 28. In all, he picked off 12 passes in five seasons with Detroit before finishing his career in Green Bay.


Im not worried because I expected this. Everyone knew it was a horrible pick. If he ever gets good, he’ll have 1 or two years left on his rookie deal then he’ll want to get paid. Its just laughably bad, but what else do you expect from this franchise? The ONLY options at #3 were Tua/Herbert. Thats it. Lions blew it. Rinse and repeat.


I’m not worried about him becoming a good pro. He will improve.

…I am shocked at how poorly he has played up to this point in the season though. Well below expectations.

I didn’t expect “Deion” week 1…but I also did not expect Frank Ragnow level CB play either. The game will slow down for him and the progression will come.


Okaduh hasn’t been great, but I wouldn’t put to much in to him not playing on that drive, it’s not uncommon for Patricia to not have his best players on the field. Tavi over Ragland, Harris over Walker Ap over everyone. The guy is a really bad coach.


So in 02 we took the QB instead of the CB…annnnnnd…well, both didn’t work out, Joey just worked out less so than Jammer.

That was like the first HUGE debate on the board when I first signed up.

Forgot he was Diggs’ brother…

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I’m more worried about who is coaching Okudah than Okudah himself. This defensive system is a death sentence for the career of any young corner or safety.

I can’t think of any defensive players that have progressed in Patricia’s system, worst coach in Lions history by a huge margin which is saying a lot.


Good point. Dammit, Patricia is gigantic shambling pile of arrogant suck.


UDFA Ford is a three year vet in system.

Yea this is troubling but Okwara is balling this year

True. He also was a UDFA for a reason.

Okudah, with a full camp, has a good shot at being a very nice player year 2.

Of course we actually have a lot of corner talent…Trufant is a borderline CB1, Coleman is the highest paid slot in the league and AO by all accounts has had a really big year…

Its alllmost like we could have drafted another position with better value at 3OA.

But, well, now we get in to the Joey Harringron/Quentin Jammer thread elsewhere and just have to realize hat the Lions will absolutely choose the wrong way Every Single Damn Time.


He’s also not been very good at putting players in a position to succeed. I find it hard to even judge some of the players the scam is so bad. DB are really hard because the pass rush is so bad. Hard to judge the pass rushers because of the scam and it’s limits. Im pretty sure the LBs are lacking thou.


Agree but thus draft
By mock value etc I don’t know
This scheme seems DT is important

QB to sit and provide leverage or options.

But okudah has time to develop but this scheme seems taxing. Seems like lions have secondary talent.

Whstever scheme is , it seems pretty demanding. I was really interested to hear what Aqib would say … if he’d csll out scheme but he didn’t really but he did say it was tough ask of a corner.


Talib, well, was kind of fun to listen to.

He was kind of like your drunk buddy at the sports bar, except he knew what he was talking about, in depth


Okudah is playing about as well as anyone else in this shitty defense.


Patricia is more about sending oblique passive aggressive messages to players, than he is about coaching them. This too shall pass. It just sucks that the Lions win games like these… it’s what makes Stanford amazing, and at the same time, it’s why this team sucks