Is Kerryon Johnson a bell cow RB?


If so, explain why.

Personally, I don’t trust him to stay healthy an entire season.

If not, how early do you draft a RB?

I’m not really in favor of a free agent, but if that’s your preference, let me know why as well!


KOJ is not a bell cow. He will just get hurt to often. The Lions would be smart to pair him with another player. If through the draft probably in the 3rd round at earliest, unless there is just some guy who pops out in the 2nd. As for free agency, maybe look at someone of the possibly not too expensive options like Tevin Coleman or CJ Anderson. Kareem Hunt would be interesting, but he will more than likely be suspended half the season. Le’veon Bell would be awesome but probably want too much cash.


I think LA stated they want to keep CJ.

Sucks we had the chance to sign him …

So, say we go after someone in the draft.

Do you want a bruiser?

Maybe a guy that can catch the ball and be shifty, to replace Riddick?

Which way are you going there, “stylistically?”


I think KJ can be a 1000 yard rusher and 400-500 yard receiver (maybe a bit more) if he can stay healthy, and i have no reason to believe that he wont. Is that cow bellish?

I would still like to add a guy like TJ Yeldon as a #2 in FA. He’s averaged 4 ypc and 1700 yards receiving over the course of his career, plus he should come at a reasonable price.

I think i’d try to resign Blount as my short yardage guy.

With Yeldon’s hands i feel like Riddick becomes expendable and would be headed out via trade or release.

Finally, i’d look to draft a guy on day three that can take Blount’s spot a year from now, not necessarily a bigger back, just a guy that can develop and transition into the #2 guy in a year or two.


Someone who can replace what Blount was suppose to be. Some thunder to KJ’s lightning (as cliche as that sounds).