Is the only position for Isaiah Simmons @ S?

I wonder if he can play ILB or OLB with his speed and athletic ability, maybe float around the field watching for runners to break free or receivers and haul them down , maybe an extra pass rushing type?

This guy can play on all three levels, but OLB might be best. I just feel like you want to use him in coverage, run support and blitzing. The guy can outrun just about every NFL RB and most WRs…

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Watching his film, he looks like a S to me. I don’t see him as a LB that will take on blockers successfully and stick his nose into a pile. That isn’t to say that he can’t develop those skills, but that will take time. His run defense at LB reminds me a of Jared Davis. Obviously better in coverage though.

About 7 mins in there is a good argument for playing Simmons in the middle ala Urlacher.

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I’d play him in the middle here.

Simmons is NOT a Safety, he’s a LB. He worked out with the LB’s at the Combine.


Exactly, i love how fans change a players position based on their opinion. The young man has played S, ILB, OLB and edge rusher. Not only did he do them all well, his athletic abilities shined.


He is a LB that has the speed to play safety. 6’4" 240 LB men dont play safety.

If he ran a 4.6 there wouldn’t be a single person saying he was a safety.

If he ran a 4.6, nobody would be talking about him as a potential top 5 pick.



In college Simmons The Butkus Award for the nations top linebacker. Clemson set him all over the field @: Nickleback, LB , Safety, Edge, & Outside CB He hounded QB’s as an outside rusher. tell me The Lions can’t use him and your wrong.

So where do the Lions use him?
Sure he racked up a ton of stats in college, but a lot of them were from a safety or hybrid position. Do the Lions want a hybrid type player, or do they want 250+ lb guys who can take on blockers?