Is There a prospect that you want no part of?

I figure somewhere along the way there might be a draft prospect you guys think has no use here or you plain don’t like and do not want us to draft. who will you be upset with IF they drafted him?

1st rd WR

right WR is super deep like RB.

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Tua … maybe things work out for the kid…Here with the Lions, another fractured hip is all but a certainty

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Tua and DPJ

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In 2016, I had a list of 6 “want no part of” prospects.
WR Corey Coleman
OT Jack Conklin
QB Cody Kessler
… and, I shit you not…
OT Taylor Decker
DT A’Shon Robinson
QB Jake Rudock

I don’t make “don’t draft” lists anymore.


Awww, come on Humberto, it’s pretty obvious you could tell exactly who our GM is going for this year! Seriously, that’s kinda hilarious!

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I can’t ever remember the name of the poster (you), but I do remember the Decker/Robinson/Ruddock part. Funny stuff. That’s second to my brother wanting Suh and Best in 2010.

tua, simmons, first rd wr.

Best was on the list, so was Nick Fairley and Joey Harrington. But I have to have a greatvreason not to draft a guy. Right now, it is Tua because of the injury. Best because of his injury. Fairley because we had Suh. Harrington because I wanted a cornerback. Ebron because I wanted another player, Taylor Lewan, or at least a WR like OBJ. I have these lists but the Lions never listen, so I fully expect they will draft Tua.
Guys I wanted the Lions to draft, Stafford, HoneyBadger, Robert Quinn, Taylor Lewan. Most of them never see the Lions roster.
I was wrong about Moss but not Charles Rogers, I wanted Andre Johnson.

I was leaning defense–Terrell Suggs and Terence Newman were my two faves.

Ok… then it’s a guarantee Okudah. We got three options at #3. Chase (the dream), trade down (unlikely cause… reasons) or Okudah. Only one of those I don’t like.

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A TE, lol.



yea, I never wanted Tua-especially but none of the QB’s ‘this’ offseason. as we go year by year? the need to go after and draft a starting QB only increases as Stafford ages.

I figure we’ll have Stafford for at least two more seasons BUT, he can certainly call it a career when we reach 2022…2023. He knows we have to have his successor ready and selected for insurance purposes IF Matt decides to retire…we would have a suitable replacement. that’s inevitable.

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Simmons and Tua

Justin Herbert

Becton in top ten. Any wr before pick 20 rb before 2rd

I was anti decker/Robinson and then anti davis/tabor the next year