Is this a good draft 4 rds

3: R1P3
35: R2P3
67: R3P3
106: R4P3

welcome back Rickey, all I can say is that I would draft Young over Simmons @ #3.

Solid draft imo, although would prefer Simmons in a trade down, it makes the defense better immediately!

Dobbins in rd 3…,yes please!

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I took Simmons because it always seems teams dink and dunk a lot with short passes and we always have poor coverage linebackers.

No way does Dobbins drop to three and still prefer Brown to Simmons, but not by much. Love Ezra a lot. Purposely watched a couple of games because of him and Weaver, who I also covet.


Dobbins will be gone in the first . I hope not I hope he goes #35 …Simmons at #3 to me is to rich but Simmons after a trade down or two would be awesome . Terrell Lewis is a project , often injured …gets swallowed up in the run game & cant hold an edge …He has skills and low mileage.

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Do you like this one more?

3: R1P3



35: R2P3



67: R3P3



106: R4P3





There are many good options in the 1st round, Lewis in the 2nd isn’t my preference at all(OT, Winfield,WR, RB), but Dobbins in the 3rd would be a great value (unlikely).

Like it. Doubt Dobbins makes it to Rd 3. He’s debatebly the top RB and someone will punch that ticket much earlier, in the late 1st early 2nd IMO. Also really depends on what we do with Slay. If we move him, then I think we’ll have to draft a CB in the early rounds, but we’ll likely get that early round pick for Slay, so maybe moot point.

Thing is with Simmons is that our small cover backers seem to be the absolute last resort for Patricia and hardly played until all three of our big slow LB’s were on IR. I know JRM and Killebrew and Cabinda aren’t Simmons. But that still doesn’t negate that on 3rd and 26, it was not any of those guys on the field, but freaking 250lb Jalani Tavai and he was not in to blitz, he covered the RB down the field. Who is our starting WLB? 250lb Christian Jones. So if it’s me, absolutely I’m down with a guy like Simmons, but I don’t run the team. It’s the guy who chooses snap after snap to go with big slow LB’s not agile fast ones that he also has at his disposal. At this point, I think the pick is Okudah or Brown over Simmons even with a trade down.

Much better IMO and we can trade down and still get Brown, adding at least a 2nd and probably 3rd round pick from Miami if they want to secure their #2 QB of their choice. So how about:

1 Brown DL
2a Fulton CB
2b Swift RB
3a Brooks LB
3b Strowbridge DE

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Will he be available there? Awesome, if so!

Ooh, yes please.

I love Swift at #35 if Dobbins is not on the board …Swift to me is a pure committee RB and not a guy that can handle the entire load if necessary do to an injury . Dobbins is a guy that can be both an every down RB and a platoon RB …I want a RB that is capable of both and can be relied upon as an every down RB should that scenario rear it’s head (a KJ injury ) …That’s just me though

Dude is a rock (Swift). He’s not a small guy, he’s just short at 5’8 1/4 and 219 official Combine measurement just released. That would make him our biggest RB not named Bo. He didn’t have a ton of carries because UGA traditionally runs a platoon of guys because they keep landing top prospects into their pipeline. Nick Chubb is certainly a guy who can handle the “entire load” (no homo) and yet he split time with Michel and Swift. It’s just what they do, but the benefit to a team like us is he has a ton less mileage on him compared to a Dobbins or Taylor who had to be the guy. If we were fortunate enough to draft Swift (my favorite back this year) he wouldn’t have to do it all himself.

We could save the short yardage and end of game clock draining to Scarborough and essentially split carries between KeJo and Swift. Both of those guys are threats to go the distance and can handle the run and the pass well. Trade down, pick up an additional 2nd and use that to draft Swift if he’s there.

I like your second draft better than your first.

#3 is too high for Simmons
#35 we can do better than Lewis here.
#67 Dobbins would be a steal. I bet he goes round 2.
#106 Ezra would be a decent developmental backup.

In your second draft

Brown I’m now worried about his athleticism. I don’t like him as much as I did

Swift is a stud. Love the pick.

Baun would be a nice addition round 3.

He’s more complete than Dobbins is. Dobbins needs to improve his pass blocking and route running before I’d consider him a lead RB. At this point he’s not a 3 down back but I think he can be.

In my option Swift is a true lead back. Smooth, Athletic and elusive. Solid route runner and solid blocker. He’s a plug and play 3 down RB.

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Nothing says Swift is a more complete RB than Dobbins …
Dobbins has proved he can carry the load and be a 3 down RB , play through pain and deliver inn the biggest spots . Dobbins pass blocking is as good, if not better than Swifts .
The route running is the only edge I would give to Swift and even with that, Dobbins is a hands catcher of the football, I’ve watched enough of Swift to see he is a guy that lets the ball get into his body. Dobbins was as involved in the passing game and as productive as Swift was and did so while having to be a bell cow . Dobbins broke more tackles than Swift , and avg more yards after contact as well . Probably the best stiff arm out of all the top backs. I like Swift a lot actually but the idea that he is more ready to be a 3 down back has no merit .

I’m fine with both of those drafts. I do think Dobbins in Rd. 3 is a pipe dream though

I’m gonna respectfully disagree with this statement. Obviously we see it differently.

I’m talking pass protection to be clear… and emphatically disagree here. Dobbins has struggles in pass protection. But he’s a willing blocker. So I think he can improve here.

I will support this statement with proof.

From that link.

Got his wires crossed on a handful of occasions and been late to find a flashing defender bursting through a gap.

One more for good measure.

Much like his receiving efforts, blocking can be hit or miss for Dobbins. He is physical enough to give his quarterback time to make a play but needs work on blitz recognition and where he needs to get on the field to make a key block.

True but Dobbins was more of a dump off target while Swift was actually lining up and running routes. In fairness OSU didn’t ask him to do much more than the typical college RB dump routes. The stat sheets don’t tell the story here.

That’s definitely an opinion and your entitled to it. I’ll respect yours so please respect mine. I however disagree. I do think Dobbins has a nice upside but Swift is the better back at this point. As a result I expect Swift to get drafted before Dobbins.

I know you were a big advocate for Mike Webber last year. You wanted us to take him in round two if I recall. He went round 7 and is sitting on Dallas PS. In fairness a lot of mocks had him going round 2-4.

Last year in 2018 they split carries. Here are those numbers.

Dobbins 1053 yrds on a 4.6 avg
Webber 954 yrds on a 5.5 avg.

Webber had 100 less yrds on a better average. Some might argue he was the better RB. I wouldn’t but I’d say that’s room for caution.

Let’s compare Swift, Michel and Chubb when they were in the same offense.

Chubb 1345 6.0 avg
Michel 1227 7.9 avg
Swift 618 7.6 avg

Now I’ll contend that this could mean absolutely nothing to the success of either RB. I like them both. But I just think theres more room for concern with Dobbins. I really have no skin in the game. I like both and I’m just calling it how I see it.