Is this possible, Lions select Brown and go to a 3-4 defense

The Lions have tried to plug the middle on defense and it did not work last year. Are they revamping to move to a 3-4 defense and use a couple of their linebackers to blitz more often?

PFF’s Brett Whitefield joined our PODcast this week and rejected that notion about Brown and Kinlaw.

“When you look at defensive tackle prospects, (Brown) is elite as they come,” Whitefield said. “Everyone wants to compare him to Kinlaw and make the claim that Kinlaw is automatically going to be this better pass rusher—and there’s a case to be made that Kinlaw has better physical traits—but when you look at the data, look at the numbers, Derrick Brown has been every bit as good as a pass rusher as Kinlaw has in college. Whether that’s their PFF pass rush grade, which is literally identical over the last two years, or their win rate, which is both over 17 percent. Pressure rate is neck-and-neck. Brown has more pressure than Kinlaw does, he has more sacks and hits, he’s got more batted passes. He’s out produced Kinlaw in just about every way as a pass rusher over the past two years.”

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thanks for posting – I’ve been downgrading Brown / upgrading Kinlaw in my mind for the pass rush factor
maybe there is no factor there …

guess we’ll see what the teams think soon enough

There is no doubt to me that the Lions LOVE Brown’s game in that me always seems to move the pocket backwards.

I don’t think 3/4 or 4/3 really applies to what we do. I think we vary it up snap to snap.

I am starting to buy Jacksonville moving up and giving us Yooper…yep, this is a rumor I am totally buying. If the Lions could slide back to $8 AND secure Yannick Ngakoue, yea I am all in on that.

Yannik was 6’2" and 252 pounds at his 2016 combine. He was taken in the 3rd round. He was used all over the place in college and this defense would also use him all over I think.

Would we pay that much for edge rushers? We can if we are not paying a lot for LBers and DTs!

If we fall to #8 in this scenario we may go DT Derreck Brown if Okudah is gone and I am cool with that. We would have cheap DTs for the next few seasons and expensive DEs. I am okay with that.

We can grab a CB in rd. 1 still )Okudah) OR maybe wait to round 2 as a solid CB is still likely to be there at that point.

I am buying the Jags looking at moving up and giving us Yannick Ngakoue in that process. That might give us the choice between DT Brown and the second CB Henderson. And in that case I think the Lions go DT Brown and look for defensive help later.

Another thing that occurred to me was this - that I haven’t seen too much discussion on. If the Lions select Brown and he proves to be the disrupter he was in college and indeed moves the pocket, isn’t that what many feel improves the chances for turnovers? The Lions have been terrible in the turnover game, so any improvement here is important.

I would think the opposite, we’d be more likely to move to a 4-3. Ngakoue, Shelton, Brown, Flowers makes for a good 4 man front.

You’d think out of Collins, Ragland, Tavaii, and Davis you could find 3 solid Lbers. However I think we’d be in a 4-2-5 more often.

When it’s all said and done though the D is Patricia’s baby and I don’t expect him to change his philosophy. I don’t think Undlin changes much of anything in that respect, unfortunately

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You’re buying it, or you hope it happens?

Well someone’s source is wrong in regards to pass rush win rate %

In the article, Kinlaw is listed at 18.1% and Derrick Brown 13.7%

One thing is for sure–whether it’s Brown, Blaylock in Rd 2, or Agim at 85, the Lions need a DT early.