Is this real? This is real


LOL…that is major league dipshittery. He is his own worst enemy at times.

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Think maybe, just perhaps, he’s stupid enough to use the presidency for personal and political gain?

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Political gain? Of course he is.
As did Bill Clinton and George W Bush and Barack Obama. That is part of their job.

I am not a fan of the word so much, as there are some good, but unfortunately people that have these issues, but I’m 99% sure he’s fucking retarded, with a side of dimentia.

Did we actually ever establish if Covfefe is a word in any Terran language?

I swear to God he is like JR in that at some point you know 85% of his output is intentionally inflammatory and intended just to muddy the water, but after awhile, you can’t really tell Which is the 85% and which is the 15%…