Isaiah Simmons about to run the 40

he ran : 4.39 !! 1st attempt.

Yes sir. All in baby.

That was crazy. No reason to even due the 2nd run.

yeah nobody’s came close yet after him and I watched 10-12 other LB’s run.

He is impressive

Seems like we’ve been missing speed on the defense…

I have no problem making him our first pick in a trade down IF he can cover better than any LB in the draft. Instinct trumps speed.


I think after this draft you will see more speed . Are secondary is fast based on 40 times in past I think we lack speed at LB main guys on edge Like Kennard an Jones at OLB an even are DL Snacks an Ashawn were not fast I think with new DL players an a fast LB it will help a lot


Too fast for Patricia’s defense.


You may be trying to take shot at the HC but in truth you may be right .

I’m warming up to him … in a trade down.

What are his other combine numbers and height/weight?

I wonder about size is he a over weight SS or light OLB an can we draft a SS that is as fast or quick . Thinking how Wilson was used later in season


Actually decent LB size at 6’4", 238. Probably still too small for Patricia.

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Anybody watch Mississippi State football? Gay is having a great combine but I don’t know how good he actually is. I remember him being highly touted out of HS.

But just one example an I have not watched this guy an remember we are talking #3 pick in draft.

Willie Gay Jr. Mississippi St. 6-2 243 – 4.46
Azur Kamara Kansas 6-4 245 – 4.59

These guys can move also an same size not saying Simmons is not good but I have to wonder about at #3

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ok, just watched some film on Gay. Nothing special, not great instincts and not that physical. I’m sure he can make it in the pros but somebody is going to overdraft him after that combine.

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I completely agree. I have however, learned to be careful about saying Trump around here :slight_smile:

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His combine simply matches what you see when you watch him play. Hes legit.

He is the Calvin Johnson of OLBs.

Get this dude.


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