Isaiah Simmons Should be the pick

More and more mocks are throwing him our way at 3. I would prefer the Miami trade and snag him at 5…but if Young is gone @ 3 and we have no trade offers. This guy should be the pick. I even think he is on the same level of a prospect as Young. Simmons doesn’t disappear for stretches. But position wise if they are equal in terms of grade you have to go with the DE.

As my name states I will be pounding the table for him from here on out.

His speed and closing ability on the defensive side is a game changer. He is the perfect Spy against these new age dual threat QB’s.

Watch some tape.

I agree with the iggster that positional value wise it isn’t great at 3…thats why we should take whatever Miami offers…even just a 2nd rounder this year to move to 5 and grab who i believe to be the best player in the draft.

Dudes gonna run a sub 4.4 at 6’4" 230 … AND HE HAS INCREDIBLE INSTINCTS. This is not Boss Bailey 2.0 we are talking about. This is Thomas Davis on steroids…or Dare I say Brian Urlacher.

I think Brian Urlacher out of college is the best comparison I can find…but Simmons is MORE explosive.

I want no part in Okudah in the top 10.


I like Simmons in a trade down. He’d be my pick for example, if Miami swaps picks. If stuck at three, gotta go with a big ugly.

Where do you believe he would play for the Lions? ILB, OLB, SS or FS?

You could float him around in many scenarios. Think it would create chaos for opposing OC’s.

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Simmons is a hell of a prospect, nothing not to love actually and how he would translate to helping us in particular, he is exactly what we need . He is an amazing athlete …at #3 I’m not touching him.

What I cant understand is if you see all of these traits in Simmons why the hate on J.Okudah ?

Okudah would fill the same requisite and at the same time complete the CB position and make it a strength , while also being an insurance policy for when and if Slay departs now or after next contract .

Okudah is a stud prospect as well . Simmons fills a major void and what we lack as well (No Doubt) but the rest of the LB core would still be a huge question mark .

Can Simmons be Simmons without the incredible D-Line in front of him ?
Can Simmons at his size , weight and length shed a block at the NFL Level to help against a power run game, when he has a zero chance of being as clean as he was in Clemson to do the special things he did ?
I have my doubts he can put on the weight needed and remain the Elite Athlete he is …I love him but I have questions I want no part of unless we are talking about the 8 to 15 area in the first.

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I’m in the minority but I do not see the Simmons love. He’s a physically gifted kid but he’s not even the best safety or LBer in this class. And this is a weak LBer class too. If he came out last year he would be the 3rd best LBer prospect at best.

Not even close. Young is a rare and gifted pass rusher. I would say Young is an elite level prospect.

Simmons is physically gifted but he’s not elite level at anything. He does have a huge upside but because he has played multiple positions he hasn’t master any of them. I honestly do not think Simmons is even a top 15 talent in most drafts. But this draft is weak at LBer and if he tests we’ll at the combine then it wouldn’t shock me if a LBer needy team over drafts him. In my opinion he’s too raw to go top 10.


I have yet to see a shred of evidence that this staff values a LB that can cover.


Truer words never spoken .

Would prefer a trade down for him but even at 3 he’s a hell of a player! A Hybrid player at 3 would stir the masses for sure

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Welcome Simmonsorbust.

Thanks guys. I go way back. The Cowardly Lion level back. Probably 15 years I have followed this board (or at least whatever site it was hosted on at the time). Just never really cared to post or felt this compelled about a player. Love reading the banter back and forth.

As far as Okudah…if you cant get to the QB…even Slay cant cover for 8 seconds.

That said…the game is changing. I dont want my top 5 pick to cover the 2nd best reciever on the other team. I want someone that can either:

A: Rush the passer with lateral agility to counter today’s QBs. Simmons/Young have that.

B: Can cover multiple positions…hbacks… tight ends…RBs out of the backfield. Spy the QB when needed. Make defensive calls.

You can avoid a CB. You cant Avoid a ‘Joker’ like Simmons.

Versatility should be the name of the game in today’s NFL.

I’m 39 and have never wanted a pick as bad as Simmons.

To those that say he isnt on the same level as Young…you are reading into the hype. Watch the tape. Hell watch the highlight reels. Watch the bad intentions Simmons arrives with. He has closing speed like I have never seen.

He makes fast people look…not fast.

I like the argument that he isnt the best safety or LB in this class…you are correct on safety…but LB…eh agree to disagree…but let’s say you are right…

He is still the most versatile defensive player in the draft. He is also the BEST at what HE does.

Anyway…hopefully we land him at 5. I would be ecstatic.


Cowardly Lion, LOL. I remember him, he was really active. You wonder why these guys disappear and hope it was nothing bad!

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Agreed on some …I get it…

As far as J.Okudah goes he is an Elite talent at a premium position CB.
Look no further back then 2014 and Rashean Mathis at CB#2 killed us, as much as he helped us once teams started to just hit that quick slant on him, and to your point in 2015 with no pass rush Mathis was puke …But in 2014 we had the pass rush , we had the turnovers from our Safeties because the corners did what was need in the mid and long passing game , we had the Rush Defense, QB’s and plans adjusted to quick passing and abusing Mathis on any key play needed . You need studs at both CB spots and the insurance that you have at least one stud if one departs or gets injured .

What about Simmons lack of size for OLB how is he going to shed when needed ?


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Ernie Sims 2.0…lol, I kid

Too much hype on Simmons right now. I don’t even think he goes in the top ten to be honest. Peppers was hyped too and he went 25. I’d much rather have a true lockdown corner and am firmly in the Okudah camp.

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I’d love Simmons in a trade down. Great player. I think I’d go Okudah over him for roster composition sake but I would prefer Simmons over Brown.

To be honest there are probably seven defenders that I’m okay with in a trade down (or two):

Young, Okudah, Simmons, Brown, Epenesa, Kinlaw, Delpit

Can we get 2 of them? Trade down and then trade up from 35.

Most mock drafts have one of them sliding to the late teens.

I always enjoyed Cowardly Lion as a poster. Don’t be afraid to join in.

That is just it. I have watched the tape. He has holes in his game. He gets caught in traffic really easy. He struggles with his flow to the ball and hesitates. Basically he’s indecisive too often. I contribute this to being asked to play multiple positions. Keep in mind he’s not being asked to play as a true LBer role. He’s basically playing a box safety role. His skills aren’t refined enough to immediately start as a 3 down LBer and box safeties do not get drafted in the top 10.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the kid. He has speed, range and is a solid tackler. These are the most important attributes for a LBer and a S. He’s just not an immediate starter. So he shouldn’t be a top 10 pick.