Isaiah Wilson tweets he’s done with football as a titan

Kid was drafted round one last draft and is already looking like a bust.

He played only four snaps during a lost rookie season that included a DUI arrest, a suspension for violating team rules, two stints on the COVID-19 reserve list and a season-ending move to the non-football illness list to work on personal issues.

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Eeesh - that’s tough

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I remember watching the 2019 Georgia-Notre Dame game film of Julian Okwara. While the more heralded Andrew Thomas and the other OL struggled to block Okwara, Wilson was the one guy who stoned Okwara all day.

Yet again, another example of why character/mental makeup matter.


I remember this kid. He was not a good kid in HS. He was recruited by UM. Told people he was going there. Changed his mind and went to UGA.

I feel sorry for him. He never really loved football.

With his word choice, he should have stopped before saying “as a Titan”. It sounds like he may be done with football all together, at least until he sorts out his personal issues and gets his life re-focused.

Yup, he’s half right!

You know the titans are hoping he does something stupid like walk away or stop showing up. This kid is going to get a hard life lesson when they come after his bonus. Sad to see another kid waste a couple golden opportunities to set his life up. I hope he at least got his degree. Sounds like he just needs to mature a bit.

He never has learned to love himself imho


I’ve read a few articles on this guy and it basically breaks down like this:

If he had character red flags, the people at GA did a hell of a sell job hiding it and making Wilson sound like a high character guy. They even tell the story about how he graduated in New York, then drove 12 hours down to Georgia overnight and when he got there the workouts were going on so he got right out of his car and started running with the group in the Georgia heat. That’s the STORY, it doesn’t mean its true. But that’s the kind of guy Georgia was selling.

So that leads to the next part. Was the staff at GA knowingly lying? Or was he really a high character guy? Because if GA was lying, that will be dealt with between NFL teams and the staff at GA. But if he really was a high character guy, what happened? You don’t go from being a good dude to DUI’s and jumping out of hotel windows overnight for no reason. Something is wrong and he needs real help.


It’s too bad he didn’t say he was “done with football as a Titus.”

Most common problem of the human condition. We all do it to different layers and levels.

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Big time self-loather over here

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Kinda sounds like he’s clashing with the Titans.

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Apparently, he’s not much of a fan of pre-game dancing:

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At least our first round guy loves football. Sure, he sucks at an NFL level though.

We’ll see. Slay wasn’t very good his first year or two either, but he turned out ok.

Besides, it’s hard to properly evaluate CBs when there is virtually no pressure on the passer by the defensive line.

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Slay and our #3 overall pick have no correlation at all. Not saying he can’t turn into a decent player, but he looked clueless and slow last season.

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I hope they can help him. Love the dude, as a human. Love his wiring as an athlete and leader too. There were reports of him being injured too.
-How serious were his injuries?
-What will he look like, when not asked to cover for 15 seconds?
-How much does he benefit from a simpler scheme?

I agree w/you. He looked like shit, last year. He’s guaranteed to improve. How much? Time will tell. Sure hope he can be a good one.