Isis militants break out of prison in Syria after bombing by Turkey

I mean, it’s so weird.

Because Trump told us ISIS was totally defeated.

Anyway, just odd.

Well, they were in prison, do you consider a murderer or rapist that’s in prison defeated?

I mean, this is going to sound crazy, but claiming you put a murderer behind bars, and then letting them out, means you … didn’t put a murderer behind bars.

I mean, the title of the thread is "Break Out’’, not “Let Out”…sooooo

I’m sure Trump pulling troops out out of Syria, and literally welcoming Turkey, had nothing to do with …

… Turkey entering Syria and shelling the prison.

Maybe Turkey should’ve just leveled it…they let us down

Yeah, bloodshed is cool. Heard a couple kids died as well. But hey, it’s on the other side of the world, so it probably won’t affect us.

Sorry they didn’t get those kids a few years earlier when they were still in the womb…then it’d be okay

Nope, I think abortion is horrible.

Ask Trump about that. He tried aborting Tiffany.

Really? I’m honestly shocked…at least there’s one political thing we can agree on lol

I’d love to see that quote…bc if it’s from the Howard Stern interview, he followed up his “what are we going to do about this?” comment with “Do you want to get married?” Hardly an abortion inquiry…

So, Trump is now responsible for the hang that couldn’t shoot straight.
Why not, I guess. He’s responsible for Hillary and Obama’s crimes, and Bidens abuse of power.
Yeah, I can see it from your point of view.