ISO 199,999 others to

Yes…clickbait…but for reals:

How feasible is it for a group of 200,000 Lions fans to ante up $10k each for a $2B offer to buy the team from Martha? Current valuation is $1.95B. Martha wins, but better yet, Lions fans win. The Packers are owned by Green Bay Packers, Inc. Why not us?

I have about $4.35 to throw down on it!

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The struggle is real!

If the league wants to create a lane for the fans to own the team like Green Bay we could figure something out. But aside from that, you can’t just pool together a bunch of money and buy the team. The NFL has rules (and they change depending on circumstance), but the jist is that at least 1 member must single handedly put up 30% of the money…or something like that. And that person has to have the assets to back up being able to do even more. So there has to be at least one of us who is a billionaire…to summarize.


That’s great info, thank you!! I’m having a “so you’re telling me there’s a chance” moment.

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Even Billionaires Aren’t Rich Enough to Buy NFL Teams Nowadays

time to get to work! Let’s do this! :wink:

i can match that.

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I can cover the billionaire end, if that helps.

I don’t like to brag…but I’m a multi hundred thousandaire!

Same here…wait, I thought you said bullion; never mind. As you were lol

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way to go —i have
$2.30 cents in unwrapped penny’s ----will probaly cost 7 bucks to ship to where ever

Sad thing is I think Martha is OK - She just bought the Bob Quinn hype and now is between a rock and a hard place. Blow it up again fast or give them 2 more years to see if they can get it done. Two years for her is a gamble but so is blowing it up.

Does she really care if the Lions win?

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Do you really think she would have broomed Mayhew and his cohorts if winning was not important to her. Just because she is rich and makes money off the team does not preclude her from wanting a winner. It took courage to do what she did and I really don’t think she will tolerate much more. I am sure she will give them one more offseason but if they start off bad again next year I would not be shocked to she her pulling the trigger again. I hope it does not get that far.

…I really don’t think she cares one way or the other.
I’m guessing it’s not real high on the list of things to care about for a 100 year old lady.
Her husband didn’t care either
What would you expect from the namesakes of cars of such low quality that they are constantly being recalled and tires that disintegrate upon contact with asphalt?
Yup, I owned a Ford. Probably had a dozen recalls over the last 3 years.

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I have that too…in debt.

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Beef or Chicken?

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Both, of course :slight_smile: but only the low-sodium varieties