It may not happen.. but everything sets up perfectly for firings after Week 4

Week 5 bye. 3 games in a row which the Lions will not win. Games against teams who can possibly run the score up in a big way. Week 3 4:30 game in AZ, which is usually a house of horrors for the Lions. A quicker turnaround (although New Orleans plays the night game week 3) for a week 4 meeting against the Saints, who are probably the best team in the NFL, coached by someone that LOVES to run up the score.

0-4 heading into the bye week after back to back blowout losses… how could the Lions possibly keep Patricia or Quinn for 12 more games. I don`t think they will.

The next 3 weeks literally could not be set up any more perfectly for firings. Sean Payton is the exact coach we need to come in and stick the final nail in Patricias coffin. There is no HC better equipped to do this than Payton.. other than maybe Andy Reid Mayhew and Lewand were canned after Reids chiefs dismantled the Lions :slight_smile:


Ain’t happening.
Patricia is here for at least the first 12 games. If the Lions are 0-12 they might can him but if they have at least 3 wins he gets to come back next year because there are 2 more years after this season on the contract. They are not eating the extra years on the contract

Firing Quinntricia after Week 4 would give the Lions a critical head start on all the other teams that inevitably are looking to hire in the offseason. To be prepared to go hard at what’s expected to be one of the best drafts in memory.

Therefore, I expect no firings until the season is over, then a slow process of hiring that allows every other team to get their guys first.


Ownership has proven repeatedly that they have no issue firing guys with years still left on their deals. They might not fire them… but having to eat the contract won’t be why they don’t.


Would LOVE this. Gives me something to root for since actually winning games against quality teams is likely, and sadly, out of the question.

Maybe the league could step in and give us another up and coming GM. Seemed to work out well last time.


Come on Iggy, with everything going on. These two will be back and we will take a guard with the 4th overall pick.

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I saw in another thread where Air layed out how we very well can go 0-4… His point is not just plausible, its probable. We’ve had enough time with Patricia as a coach to see the same thing over and over under his leadership.

I don’t have any allegiance to coaching staffs that do not win. I suspect another rebuild is on the horizon…I am so sick if rebuilds…but losing like they did Sunday is far far worse.


The same person who told me Tua was never going to be a lion and Okudah was the pick at 3 back in March says that the Lions Ownership does listen to fans and everyone better believe that Patricia AND Quinn’s seats are getting hotter with every loss that comes. I don’t think these are WCF style owners…i do think they care…


Millen was the highest paid GM in the league! The Fords definitely care. If they didn’t care they would be cheap, and they are far from cheap. I hope your source is right… 2 more losses and that’s 1-15 in the last 16 games. What more will Patricia have to do to prove he should be fired?


Mooch was the highest paid coach, and I believe Mike Martz was the highest paid offensive coordinator.



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See my F U Ernie Accorsi thread…

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4 game firing is ideal. Getting those 2 out ASAP needs to be our top priority over everything. i hope anyone who said we couldn’t win with Caldwell realizes (now, not in 12 weeks) that holds true for Quinntricia. Their approach was such a bad fit for the modern era and it’s going to take extra effort to fix.

I think I’ll take the Saints all the way up to -30 vs Detroit this year.

If the Lions start 0-4, then Sheila Ford has to fire Fatricia to send a message. Elevate Bevell or Undlin as temp HC.
Then at the end of the season, fire Quinn if they finish below .500


Its time for a 2012 Colts style blowup. New FO, new staff, new QB and 60ish% roster turnover.


I don’t want BQ picking the next coach.

Plus I think we should be open to letting our next coach shop for groceries as it’s likely the only shot to get a HC good enough to get us moving in the right direction.

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Yeah, I agree with you. He has shown he is not very capable of evaluating talent. Any talent.

Me either, they need to remove of them. Make Bevell the interim head coach.

I sure hope Shelia already has a plan in place incase this thing went South…which its doing

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