Jadaveon Clowney - why not?

He’s still available, they said he’s willing to do a 1 or 2 year deal to prove himself. They said some pass-rusher stat on ESPN that he was 3rd in the NFL in, something like pass-rush win % (or something like that).

I’d love to see us sign him.

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I don’t think he’s worth it for what he’s asking. I checked his stats for Seattle and had 3 sacks and 31 tackles. I know his play is more than just stats but it still doesn’t seem to be worth it for $15-17 mil per season

Scott, here’s someone who agrees with you:

Instead, if he’s there, Chase Young, why not?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if high profile guys like Clowney and Newton have to wait until after the draft to learn their 2020 destination.

Clowney (6’5 255) in 2019 - 13 games, 3 sacks, 7 TFLs, 31 tackles, 13 QB hits.

Golden (6’3 260) in 2019 - 16 games, 10 sacks, 13 TFLs, 72 tackles, 27 QB hits.

Give me option 2 please.


I’m intrigued by Clowney cause he’s such a glove perfect fit for our scheme. I really think he could thrive with us in a way he never has. His stats don’t look as good against other guys, but his pressure rate is through the roof, and he’s a monster against the run. He’s also a playmaker, something we sorely need.

But I just don’t think we’re into paying edge guys the kind of money it would take to get him.

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He has the health concerns that Quinn seems to have an affinity for.
(sorry, couldn’t resist)

According to Spotrac, the Lions now have $52,330,888 in cap space…

I don’t care if he is worth it or not, I’d much rather have the Lions not use any of that cap space so the Fords can retain that money for their personal wealth. Screw putting talent out on the field.
I know I am being sarcastic.


Houston plays a 3-4 defense. So we have seen him what he can do in this type of D. However, with playing with less skilled players here in Detroit, and with the health concerns he has, he wouldn’t be here, what he was there in H town. Adding that adding this kind of money to a Dline, is not BQ’s style.

If we do add him, it probably would not even be close to what he is asking for. I feel adding L Ryan would be more probable from BQ’s style. (not that I agree or not agree)

Bro! I thought Golden was a WR?

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No offense, but I’d have to question that cap number of $52 mil. Everything I’ve read suggests the cap numer is a bit north of $30 mil right now, and that’s before they pay the rookies ($10-12 mil) and leave another $10 mil or so for contingencies during the season. So I think their true cap number is about $10 mil and that depends on how much they are paying Ragland, those figures haven’t been released yet.

That said, clubs can usually find ways to create some cap space by restructuring a few contracts. But frankly I’m not seeing Clowney coming to the Det for less than $20 mil/yr, he might sign for less in Seattle but not here. I think they might have a better shot at Everson Griffin, maybe.

I do think the Lions will sign another FA or two, before and/or after the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised to see somebody added on the OL and DL, plus maybe an RB but on the cheap.

His stats are not screaming “monster against the run.”

21 solo tackles, 7 TFLs. By contrast Golden had 37 solo tackles and 13 TFL’s. 13 vs 16 games, but still.

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This one…


Dude has lots of athleticism, but his effort is what I most like. Would be fun to have this dude on board!

They also need to extend Golladay.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the Lions are waiting to see if we can get Chase Young or not, before they were to sign a big deal on a DE.

Maybe this “waiting” right now points to us wanting a DE?!?!

Stats are a bad indicator of defense against the run. They can’t show the way he sets the edge by basically stonewalling it, or the way his mere presence forces teams to run the other way, or the way he takes on blockers as an edge to free up his teammates.

Of course I don’t expect you to take my word for it:

Also, any search of Clowney and run defense will come up with heaps of results that mention Clowney and elite in the same sentence.

Maybe. I think they should be trying like hell to improve the pass rush, but I also think they have other issues and won’t put a big pile of money on one guy. I don’t see the Lions interested in spending that much money on a DE, they like to build up their secondary IMHO. More likely they’ll try for Everson Griffin, or somebody else maybe after the draft shakes out. At this point, I think they’re locked in on Okudah and will not be signing Logan IMHO.

Clowney was playing in a different scheme in Seattle so his stats can be miss leading. What were his stats in Houston? They play a similar style defense like ours. He would essentially play the Jack here. If he were to sign, drafting Young would make no sense at all

You bring-up a good point, they’re probably waiting to see who is available and who we take with our picks before signing guys like Logan and Clowney, if they are even interested in those guys…or those guys are even interested in coming here might be a better question.

Golden Richards?