Jalen Hurts?

Would any of you consider taking early flier on Hurts?
Like say a 2nd or 3rd rounder perhaps. If I’m not mistaken
he’s been rising up draft boards, One of the NFL Network guys
said he could end up going in the ladder part of the 1st round…He’s a
winner and seems to be a good QB…I know he got beat out by WE know
WHO, but should we make an Exception considering the Exceptional player
that beat him out…And we Know he’s healthy!! Could He be considered a nice
consolation prize? They’re both athletic, know how to win and are close in
height and weight. I’m not saying they’re equals but I would strongly consider him
for a 2nd or 3rd…especially IF we gain an extra pick or two!!
Help me out here, what do you guys think?

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If we have extra picks I would certainly be interested. I have a feeling the Bevell probably loves the guy.

Though I think he may go higher than we expect. Wouldn’t shock me if the Patriots took him at the end of round 1.

Wow okay thanks!! And a possible chip on his shoulders
may make him more valuable too…Well it should be a fun draft
if nothing else :+1:

Agreed. I would be fine with Hurts with one of our 3rds if he was there. I don’t think he will be.

He’s not going to fall that far.

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With us signing Daniels I do not see us drafting a QB.

Raiders were reportedly interested in Hurts in Rd 3, but after the Combine, think there’s no chance he will be there.

Daniel is a 35 year old career back up with a total career record of 4-6. He is just an insurance policy. Has no bearing on whether we draft a QB or not.

In fact, the one interesting scenario of us drafting Tua and then trading Stafford would almost add up as to why we signed Daniel so early, like we did.

Anyway, in the case we drafted a QB, there’s no real harm in cutting Daniel in August. Not like it’s some enormous cap hit. I actually thought he could be a fine place holder as a back up until Tua is ready to play.

If we got an extra 2nd in a trade I would be willing to part with it for him.

I wouldn’t say that. I remember when Jimmy Clausen was going to be a top 10 pick. I like Jalen Hurts better but when NFL people have their minds made up about a guy it can be hard to overcome for the player.

Much as I question this staff’s judgement…
I’m fine with taking Hurts in the 2nd. Stafford is 32 and has been dealing with back injuries. I don’t think he wants to retire now, but what if he has another serious back injury? Anyone who has dealt with the pain and loss of ability from a chronic back injury can tell you that it often makes the decision for you.

Hurts has a lot of talent. He needs time to develop his skills and learn how to read a pro football defense. If Stafford goes down early and they don’t think Hurts is ready, we have a solid backup in Chase Daniels. They could even run some wildcat to get Hurts on the field early on.

If Stafford’s back holds up, Hurts can eventually become a valuable trade asset. Drafting him would be an investment in the future. I don’t feel strongly about taking him, but I can see some very good reasons to do so if nobody grabs him at the end of the 1st.


If the Lions have an extra 2d Rd pick via a trade down, I’m fine with taking with the acquired 2d Rd pick. Given what Bevell did with Russell Wilson, I think he can make it work.


I like Hurts enough to advocate picking him up, but I wouldn’t want to go higher than our 3rd rounder. Pick 35 is too much draft capital for a near-term bench player. His production is too questionable to go that high. Given the choice between Hurts @ 2 and Gordon @ 5, I’d choose Gordon.

Jimmy Clausen has a nice arm but was a terrible leader, wasn’t all that productive, didn’t win games Etc.

Hurts is the complete opposite of Jimmy Clausen. Clausen still went 48OA btw.

If they trade down and get a couple extra second round picks I’d do it. He’s a winner, performs well. Shinned at the combine. Love to get him in the 3rd round, but think he’ll be gone.

I’d prefer just to draft Tua with the #3 pick and then take the top CB in the 2nd round rather than reach for Okudah and then draft Hurts. Tua has much greater upside than Hurts. Tua will be the best player from this draft.

I could see Hurts getting selected in the 2nd. His mobility will be leveraged with RPOs and roll outs

Mho i think Hurts goes 1st rd late lions have sooooo many holes to fill i wouldent take a Qb at all in this draft staffard is going to be here for at Least 3 more yrs (barring injury) agree or disagree so i say give him all the weapons he needs and build a top 15 def. Again i may not agree with this but i think thats the reality of the situation.

I listened to an Oklahoma Insider podcast recently and while they didn’t come right out and say it, they heavily implied that Hurts wasn’t as well liked in the locker room as he seems. Apparently they got tired of all the leadership talk and thought it was calculated, and in reality he was smug and thought he was above everyone else. I know a couple of people inside the Oklahoma program, and while they never talked bad about Hurts outright, they were always hesitant with their praise. Take it for what it’s worth.